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MyArcadePlugin in Action

Here you can see WordPress Arcade Themes and User Sites that are using MyArcadePlugin. Enjoy!


Jumbo theme is another MyArcadePlugin compatible theme available on Themeforest. It has been by the same guys who designed the well known Gameleon theme.

The Arcade

A new MyArcadePlugin compatible theme released on Themeforest by CrunchPress, a well known theme developer. The Arcade is a modern arcade theme with Google material design and nice features.

Frizi Arcade

Another free WP Arcade Theme by Arcade Pulse. Frizi Arcade is a fully responsive and MyArcadePlugin ready Kizi style theme.


Supergamer is a new premium theme available only on our WordPress Arcade Marketplace. It’s fully responsive and with a lot of awesome features!

Arcade Pulse

Arcade Pulse is a FREE WordPress Arcade Theme for MyArcadePlugin. It is responsive, has 8 color schemes and a lot of other nice features.


Gameon is a Premium WordPress Theme For Online Games with a fully responsive design, that will work perfectly on desktop computers and mobile devices.


GameKing is a Professional WordPress Arcade Theme designed for Online Game sites and Blog and Magazine sites.


ArcadeXLS is a new fully responsive WordPress Arcade Theme developed by the Exells Crew!

Kizi Theme for WordPress

Kizi Theme for MyArcadePlugin is a fully responsive theme in KIZI, FRIV, YEPI and A10 style.

Minigames Arcade Theme

Minigames Arcade Theme is a powerful WordPress Arcade Theme compatible with MyArcadePlugin.

Rocketgames Arcade Theme

Rocketgames Arcade Theme is a fully responsive theme with unlimited color options.

Niche Simple Arcade

Niche Simple Arcade is a versatile multi purpose responsive theme for your new arcade

Play Games Girls

Play Games Girls is a brand new WP Arcade site powered by MyArcadePlugin with a custom design.


GameXLS is a WordPress Arcade Theme for MyArcadePlugin with terrific features and a modern flat design. The theme is fully responsive and it works on desktop computer and mobile devices perfectly.


SimplO is a stunning grid-based WP Arcade Theme. It is a fully responsive and clean theme with 6 predefined color schemes.


Wowsy is a modern grid layout for MyArcadePlugin. Simple but powerful.

Magazine Arcade

Magazine Arcade is a fully responsive arcade theme in news magazine style.  It has a lot of features and it’s easy to customize.


JUEGOS Kids arcade site is based on MyArcadePlugin and uses a customized EasyArcade theme.


Triceragames – a new and modern Theme exclusively developed for MyArcadePlugin by Arcademug with a beautiful design and nice features.


MyFriv is a modern WP Arcade Theme which is easy to customize. Create a site like a10.com, friv.com, kizi.com or yepi.com in seconds!


grungyARCADE – a new premium WP Arcade Theme available on exells.com with a lot of features!

WP Galaxy

WP Galaxy is a premium WordPress Arcade Theme that comes with four color schemes, live search and a lot of other nice features.


Another nice WP Arcade Theme designed by Addicted2Web with very nice colors and features.

Fanatic Gamer

Fanatic Gamer is a fresh WordPress Arcade Theme with a lot of cool features.

Torre de Juegos

Torre de Juegos is a beautiful arcade site with a custom design powered by MyArcadePlugin.

SpaceBox Arcade

SpaceBox is a new theme available on Exells – Arcade Themes Marketplace. It comes with nice graphics and cool features.


Cooking4Game – a wonderful FunGames modification with awesome graphics and cool games.


2pg.com is another site from the 2 Player Games empire which is based on the free WTB Flash Games Theme.


CH-Igre a really cool FunGames modification.

2 Player Games

2 Player Games is a nice arcade site based on the free WTB Theme which is available on the support forum.

Jocuri HD
Jocuri HD

Jocuri HD is a Romanian Arcade Site with modified FunGames theme.


Gameleon is the first MyArcadePlugin Theme available on Themeforest!


EasyArcade is the new Theme available on Exells.com


jGaming is a wonderful FunGames modification!


BrayGames is a modern WP Arcade Theme designed by Addicted2Web. The theme is available on exells.com


Cosmoarcade, new Arcade Site powered by MyArcadePlugin. Cosmoarcade uses the premium theme CosmosTheme available on exells.com Marketplace


Kidogames is a brand new WP Arcade Site with a awesome FunGames customization.


SpieleMonster is a German WP Arcade Site with a nice custom design.


Roborelax is a beautiful customized FunGames theme.

Physics Games Box

Physics Games Box is a niche arcade site based on the FunGames theme


6girlsgames.ru is a Russian WordPress Arcade Site powered by MyArcadePlugin Pro. The site is based on a custom design.


Miniclip88 – a MyArcadePlugin Pro powered site with a custom theme.


Eyebond is a custom WP Arcade Theme that is build on the top of MyArcadePlugin Pro.

Cool Blue

Cool Blue is a free WP Arcade Theme which is available in the support forum!


Bubugames uses a successful customized FunGames theme.

Best Physics Games

Best Physics Games is an arcade site dedicated to physics games. The theme is based on the well known ArcadeFlex theme

Basic Arcade

Basic Arcade is a clean WordPress Arcade Site with a custom theme.

Games Awesome

Games Awesome is a MyArcadePlugin Pro powered site that is based a heavy customized FunGames theme.


eTOPjoc has a theme based on the default Fungames theme.


ArcadeMega a new premium WP Arcade Theme that is available on the exells.com marketplace.


ArcadeXD is a premium WordPress Arcade Theme available on exells.com Marketplace.

Juegos de Bob Esponja

Juegos de Bob Esponja a WordPress Arcade site dedicated to Spongebob games based on the ArcadeXD theme.

Logo Games

Logo Games – a well known WordPress Arcade site with the LogoGames theme from the exells.com marketplace.


Clipsify – Free Arcade Games – new WP Arcade Site powered by MyArcadePlugin with a customized Fungames theme.


SpillSpill is a clean and nice custom theme for MyArcadePlugin.

Play A Bit

Play A Bit games network based on premium WP Arcade Themes

Best Free Games 4u

Best Free Games 4u – awesome WordPress Arcade site with a customized Fungames theme.


WPCoolness – Arcade Theme based on a premium WP Arcade Theme.


WPBoom – Arcade Template based on a premium WP Arcade Theme


Juegacos a great WP Arcade site with an theme that is based on Fungames theme.


WPGamer – Arcade Theme – Dark and unique WPArcade theme from exells.com marketplace.


Sexy Bubble Games is based on the ArcadeMaster theme which is available on exells Marketplace.


GameRush – is a nice looking arcade site based on the GamingPress theme.


GamingPress – is a new design which will satisfy all your needs for a fantastic gaming site.


VaultGaming is a clean and modern MyArcadePlugin powered site with a custom theme.


OnlineGame4u – nice WordPress Arcade site with modified free theme: Super Mario Land.


OojoGames is based on the free theme WTB Game. You can download this theme on the bonus forum.


Buddy Games  – a simple and clean WP Arcade site based on our free theme GalleryGames.

Boy’s Game Zone

Boy’s Game Zone uses an order FungGames version with a custom logo.


Enjoy Games 24/7 is modifies eGamer theme from Elegantthemes.


Arcade Gaming, a wonderful arcade theme with great features and nice colors. Click to see ARCADE GAMING live.


ArcadeMaster is a classical arcade theme in retro design with great features. It’s is a pure CSS3 theme without images. Click to see ArcadeMaster in action.


WordPress Arcade Theme – ArcadeFlex is a premium CSS3 theme available on exells marketplace.