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Arcade Script is usually a PHP Script that allows users to create online games websites, the so-called online arcade sites with ease. The main feature of such scripts is to manage and publish games online.  Currently, there are only a few active stand-alone arcade scripts available on the market because they have a lot of issues and disadvantages.

The main problem of stand-alone arcade scripts is that they have to take care of a lot of things that are usually provided by frameworks and content management systems like WordPress. Most stand-alone arcade scripts are one-man projects and besides of the core arcade functionality handle games they need to take care about the following topics, too:

  • Security concepts and implementations
  • User registration and management
  • Database management
  • Page / Blog functionality
  • Contact forms
  • Forums
  • And a lot more.

That’s why most of the formerly very popular stand-alone arcade scripts are today deprecated and insecure.

MyArcadePlugin is an “arcade script” extension for WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System  / Framework in the world. It has an extremely active and huge community that takes care of all the important infrastructure and security topics. Thereby, we at the MyArcade Team can focus on important arcade features. Just take a look at our features and you will see what we mean.

What are the core features of an arcade script?

The most important feature of an arcade script is game management. You should be able to fetch games from several game distributors or upload games manually. After adding games to your database you will need to take care of game descriptions and eye-catching thumbnails and screenshots. So you should be able to modify game descriptions and upload images.

After game publishing, you should be able to track the game performance. In this case, there should be a rating system to get user’s feedback per game. Additionally, it is useful to track how many times and how long a game has been played. Those features will help you to identify popular games, so you can optimize your site for your audience.

MyArcadePlugin offers you everything you need to start a successful online games website. 

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To get familiar with MyArcadePlugin you can test our free version. It is a fully functional WordPress Arcade Solution. On our feature comparison page, you can check the difference between the free and paid version.

MyArcadeTheme Lite (FREE)

MyArcadeTheme is a free WordPress Arcade Theme with awesome flat and responsive design. It will perfectly work on mobile devices, too. You can download the free arcade theme directly from our website.

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