29 January 2012
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Free WP Arcade Theme – Triqui

There are only a few free WP Arcade Themes available on the internet. Last time we updated the GalleryTheme to GalleryGames WP Arcade Theme and today we have updated the Triqui Theme. Triqui is a free WordPress Arcade Theme developed by Emanuele Feronato. We have customized that awesome arcade template and made it compatible with MyArcadePlugin Lite and MyArcadePlugin Pro.

The theme comes with a simple theme options page, with three advertisement areas:

  • Header Banner
  • Sidebar Banner
  • Under Game Banner
Triqui – WP Arcade Theme supports WP-PageNavi and WP-PostRatings plugins.
Download this WordPress Arcade Theme for FREE! 
132.6 KiB

39 responses on “Free WP Arcade Theme – Triqui

  1. Mark says:

    I installed the template to my site but i can see only 10 games displaying on my home page.
    please let me know how to display more than 10 games in my site.
    I am using Myarcadeplugin lite version.

  2. Virgil says:

    Liked it 6 times. but no link

  3. darioslv says:

    how do I download the free theme?

  4. ilia says:

    where can i get a little pack like 20-30 games for this plugin?

  5. sun512 says:

    how can we change header banner “Triqui”
    and put my banner

  6. Mastermage says:

    How to add description with the thumbnail. Can you tell me php code to for description?

  7. Eter says:

    Great theme you got here!
    Can i get Mochi ads and Google adsense revenue when using this theme and MyArcadePlugin?

    Many thanks!

  8. dede says:


    why I added any games, RECENT POST, RECENT COMMENTS, ARCHIVES continue to fall down?

  9. dede says:

    I’ve managed to make a web game with this theme gamerame.com
    my next question how I can add a lot of game play?
    how can i put adsense ads? I have tried in the Triqui plug option but no change

  10. dede says:

    sorry to ask again
    I want to upload swf game manual
    after I uploaded how do I display it in the post
    I insert media not found

  11. anyarcell says:

    how google ads not showing on pages?
    or appear only on post pages

  12. dede says:

    myarcadeplugin does not suport import or upload swf games more than 9MB?

  13. Jack says:

    Does the plugin come with this theme?

  14. lhurey says:

    what code to put to show/include the the game screenshot images below the game instructions?

  15. Lior says:

    How can I remove the advertisement at the beginning of every game?

  16. yatterz says:

    there’s no download button

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