Managed Arcade Hosting

With our managed arcade hosting we will take care of the entire infrastructure, and site management. We will keep your site updated and you can focus on the main important things and that's game publishing and content. Don't waste your time managing your server and WordPress!

Access To Everything

Get access to all of our plugins and themes. We will automatically install every MyArcade Theme and Plugin on your site and you can decide which to use.  Of course, you are able to edit your theme.

WordPress Optimized

Our managed arcade hosting relies on WordPress optimized LiteSpeed Web Servers with enabled LSCache for fast loading. With an NVMe SSD storage, you will get the best performance possible.

Focus On What Matters

We will keep WordPress, Plugins and Themes up to date on your site, and we will ensure that everything works nicely and smoothly. You can focus on the content and your visitors.


Save 490 € for MyArcade Products

Our managed hosting includes MyArcadPlugin Carefree Package, all MyArcade Themes, and all MyArcade Add-On Plugins. You will get everything preinstalled.

Save 240 € for WordPress Hosting

Our managed hosting comes with an ultra-fast WordPress optimized hosting. You don't need to buy an extra hosting package. The only thing you need is a domain.

Unlimited Games and Traffic

You can upload and publish as many games as you want.  In addition, you'll get unlimited data transfer and you don't need to worry about the webspace.

Free SSL Certificate

Having SSL is very important for your visitors to ensure their and your security. Thereby our hosting plan comes with a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

Daily Backups

We automatically save daily backups and keep 30 copies of your website. If anything goes wrong we can restore your site with a single click.

Technical Features

Files and databases are stored on NVMe SSDs. The Latest WordPress, PHP, and MySQL versions.  3 GB RAM, 30 entry processes, 300.000 Inodes. cPanel and JetBackup included.

Managed Arcade Hosting

Billed yearly


N MyArcadePlugin Carefree (value 109 €)

N All MyArcade Themes (value 245 €)

N All MyArcade Plugin Add-Ons (value 136 €)

N Managed WordPress Hosting (value 240 €)

N Unlimited Games

N Unlimited Traffic

N Free SSL Certificate

N Fast and WordPress Optimized Hosting

N LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache

N Full Daily Backups

N cPanel, JetBackup, FTP, AWStats/Webalizer and a lot of more...

Managed Arcade Hosting FAQs

Is MyArcade Managed Hosting right for me?
  • Are you familiar with web hosting management?
  • Are you familiar with WordPress management?
  • Do you want to spend time managing your infrastructure instead of creating values for your visitors?

If you can answer at least one of those questions with NO then our managed hosting is perfect for you!

What do I need before I place my order?

The only thing you need is a domain. You can register the desired domain for example on Namecheap or GoDaddy. They provide cheap domains.

Will I be able to edit and upload files?

Yes, of course. You will get full access to your website and you will be able to edit files or upload your own themes and plugins. If you use a custom theme then you will need to take care of the theme updates. We provide updates for our and preinstalled themes and plugins. 

How long does it take to set up my site?

Usually, your site will be ready within 24 hours. After the initial installation and setup, we will email you all the website details with cPanel and WordPress login.

What will I get with the managed hosting?

You will get a fully functional MyArcade Site with all of our products. Additionally, we will manage your website. That means that we will take care that everything is updated regularly and that your site is working properly.

Can I upload my own games?

Yes, you can. With our hosting package, you have the same functionalities and features as on any other hosting. The only difference is that we will take care that your site is running properly.

What is your refund policy?

We do have a 14-day money-back guarantee for our hosting plan.

Will you customize the theme for me?

We do not do any customization. For every theme, we offer a child theme that you should use and which you can modify how you like. This will make sure that updates of parent themes will not affect your modifications.

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