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Current Version: 2.0.0


MyArcadeTheme Lite is a FREE WordPress Arcade Theme based on our most popular WP Arcade theme. MyArcadeTheme Lite comes with a lot of awesome features: Clean, flat and elegant design. The theme is fully optimized for search engines (SEO) and it comes with several well-placed advertisement banners. MyArcadeTheme Lite will perfectly work with every MyArcadePlugin version (Lite, Starter, Pro or Ultimate).
MyArcadeTheme Lite is a fully functional but limited version of our premium MyArcadeTheme version that comes with the MyArcadePlugin Ultimate and Carefree packages. The following table shows a few differences between these two themes.

WordPress Arcade Theme – MyArcadeTheme Lite vs. MyArcadeTheme


MyArcadeTheme Lite


Fully Responsive Yes Yes
Front Page Designs 1 7
Front Page Builder No Yes
Header Layouts 1 2
Game Landing Page No Yes
Game Page Layout Builder No Yes
Game Container Sidebars No Yes
Mobile Games for Mobile Devices No Yes
Designs 1 3
Custom CSS Design No Yes
Game Preloader Advertisements No Yes
With MyArcadePlugin Lite and MyArcadeTheme Lite you can now start your own WordPress Arcade site for FREE


= v2.0.0 - 2021-02-05 - Based on MyArcadeTheme Pro v6.2.1 =

  • New - Automatic game resize to max available width
  • New - Option to enable/disable the admin bar
  • New - PageSpeed Insights optimization
  • New - Option to disable meta data on pre-game and play game pages
  • New - Option to display related games on the slider belt on the single games page
  • New - Games widget to show random or related games
  • New - Option to change the game buttons location (above or below the game)
  • Tweak - CSS optimization to get 100% SEO score at Google PageSpeed Insights (Lighthouse)
  • Tweak - Updated to new Redux functions
  • Tweak - bxSlider updated
  • Tweak - Removed default footer placeholder widgets
  • Tweak - Removed Links/Problem Reporter plugin recommendation because is has been abandoned
  • Tweak - Removed outdated Yoast SEO compatibility code
  • Tweak - Display only one category as thumbnail hover instead of multiple categories
  • Tweak - Updated language file and renamed translations
  • Tweak - Display images on game descriptions on the game-play page
  • Fix - Add/Remove favorites not working
  • Fix - Game dimensions division by zero
  • Fix - bxSlider links not clickable
  • Fix - Page scrolls on clicking share button
  • Fix - Share buttons overlaid by the game
  • Fix - - Display ratings snippet only if ratings are available
  • Fix - Removed Google+ code from single blog page
  • Fix - Fixed name of a suggested plugin
  • Fix - - RatingCount will only be displayed if there are ratings available (Fixes issues with Google Search Console)
  • Fix - - WorstRating changed to 0 (Fixes issues with Google Search Console)
  • Fix - Don't display a fallback menu if no top navigation menu is defined
  • Fix - Form label missing for promoted games sort selection
  • Fix - Game not centered with disabled sidebars
  • Fix - Turn lights off button not working properly
  • Fix - Game description and banner alignment on the pre-game page
  • Fix - Exclude blog posts for the slider and promoted games box
= v1.0.0 - 2020-02-12 - Based on MyArcadeTheme Pro v5.6.1 =
  • Initial release


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