Today we have upgraded our free version of MyArcadePlugin to Version 2.00. MyArcadePlugin Lite is a fully functional but limited version of MyArcadePlugin Pro. Now you can try the look and feel of MyArcadePugin before you decide to upgrade to the Pro version. MyArcadePlugin Lite 2.00 can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugins Directory for FREE!

MyArcadePlugin Lite offers you the following features:

  • One-Click Game Feeding
  • One-Click Game Publishing
  • Publish games immediately
  • Publish games time shifted – scheduled with individual time interval!
  • Game Management (search, publish, delete) with pagination
  • Option to embed games automatically
  • Post templates with several placeholders to generate unique game descriptions
  • Download Mochi Games automatically to your server
  • Download Mochi Thumbs automatically to your server
  • Delete game files when deleting a game post
  • Import Flash Games (SWF Format)
  • Option to reset the games database
  • Multilingual Support – Easy translation to every language

Download MyArcadePlugin NOW!

See the feature comparison of MyarcadePlugin Lite with MyArcadePlugin Pro here.