EWWW Image Optimizer is a very popular image compression plugin that is available free on the WordPress Repository. The developer of EWWW Image Optimizer has stated that the plugin will support MyArcadePlugin in the latest version by stating it on a forum post. If you are a more advanced WordPress developer you can see from the development log that the plugin is on track to release the integration in the next version of the plugin.

Why This Matters

MyArcadePlugin uses several different feed sources and they all optimize the images in a different way. Some websites such as Scirra do not optimize their images at all and when you run your website through a speed testing tool such as GtMetrix you will typically see a low score in the optimize images category. This can cause a slow down for your users especially on pages such as the homepage and archives. With this new update, you will be able to auto compress all images that you upload to your website.

For those of you that have already uploaded images to your website, you will have to compress them by setting the folder paths in the advanced settings. If you are not sure how to set this up move on over to the forums and we walk you through how to properly configure the plugin.

Check it out now!

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