MyArcadePlugin Pro

WordPress Arcade Plugin

We are proud to present you a new dimension of WordPress Arcade Plugins. Transform a boring WordPress Blog into an amazing arcade games portal. MyArcadePlugin is able to fetch games automatically from many game distributors:

  • 4J
  • Arcade Game Feed
  • Famobi
  • FreeGamesForYourWebsite (FOG)
  • GameArter
  • GameDistribution
  • GameMonetize
  • GamePix
  • HTML Games
  • Kongregate
  • MyArcadeFeed
  • Softgames
  • Wanted 5 Games

On the other hand this WordPress Arcade Plugin offers you several manual import options. So you will be able to import IBPArcade Games, PHPBB Games, Zip Games, SWF Games, DCR Games, Iframe Games, Embed Games and Unity 3D Games.

MyArcadePlugin is also able to download and install games from other sites!
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This short video should show you the administration panel of our WordPress Arcade Plugin:

[youtube video=”NxUN1M5Y2dk” width=”700″ height=”450″]

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Here is another video that shows you how to create a WordPress Arcade Site in less than 5 minutes with our WP Arcade Plugin. This video was created with an earlier MyArcadePlugin version. Now you will be much faster!

[youtube video=”eBx9mYEmPyQ” width=”700″ height=”600″]

Can’t see the video? Click here

Administration Panel Overview

We have picked some features to show you the power of our WordPress Arcade Solution!

Easy Usage

Once installed, you will find a control panel in your WordPress administration bar. There you have access to the most important functions of MyArcadePlugin Pro. A single click on “MyArcade” will bring you to the “MyArcadePlugin Dashboard” page. There you will get an overview of the Plugin status, settings, news and special offers.

“Fetch Games” will bring you to a new page where you can automatically fetch games from many game distributors. All fetched games will be saved in your database and you can publish them whenever you want.

The “Import Games” menu entry gives you the possibility to import individual games to your site. MyArcadePlugin Pro supports following import methods: IBPArcade, PHPBB, ZIP, SWF, DCR, Embed and IFrame. 

“Publish Games” will open a new page where you can publish as many games as you want. On the Publish Games panel you will be able to filter games using a lot of filter options.

On the “Manage Games” view you can edit, delete or play games before you decide if you want to publish the games.

“Manage Scores” allows you to edit and delete user scores individually. 

The “Settings” menu entry will bring you to the MyArcadePlugin Settings page where you can setup the plugin:

Automated Game Fetching

MyArcadePlugin provides you an easy way to fetch games from different game distributors. While fetching MyArcadePlugin will download the game feed and add a lot of games to your games database.

After the game fetching is run, you will get an output like this:

At this point, the games are added to your database and are not visible to your visitors. Now you have two options to publish the fetched games: Individual Publishing and Mass Publishing.

Mass Game Publishing: A single click on “Publish Games” will bring you to the new page where you can publish a huge number of games with a single click.

Individual Game Publishing: The second method to publish games on your site is to use the individual publishing. After the game fetching, you will get a game box for each fetched game with some buttons. There you can preview each game, edit game details like description, instructions, tags or categories. A single click on “Publish” will publish a single game.

Download Game Files

This feature allows you to download game files, thumbnails and screen shots to your web server. That will make your site independent from game distributors.

Import Individual Games

With MyArcadePlugin you are also able to import individual games such IBPArcade, PHPBB, SWF, DCR, EMBED or IFRAME games. To add such a game to your site click on “Import Games”.

After selecting the desired import method the form below the selection will change and show you all needed fields that needs to be filled out for the selected import.

For uploading new game files, thumbnails and screenshot MyArcadePlugin offers you two methods. At the one hand you can upload files from your local hard drive and on the other hand you are able to grab files from a given url.

Automated Game Feeding (Cron)

Now, MyArcadePlugin Pro is able to add Games automatically to your Site. Just check the checkbox to activate cron and choose a time interval, how often new games should be feeded. The feeding will trigger when someone visits your Site, if the scheduled time has passed. On each trigger MyArcadeBlog Pro will get the latest game.

Leaderboard Support

MyArcadePlugin Pro will save players scores submittet by IBPArcade or GamerSafe games. Get more visitors and more players with this amazing feature!

Easy Translations

Translate MyArcadeBlog Pro into your language using the included PO-file. MyArcadeBlog Pro fully supports gettext based translations!

Auto Embed SWF Code

You don’t have to edit WordPress themes to be able to embed games. MyArcadeBlog Pro will generate and auto embed the flash code of a game at the top or at the bottom of a game post. Of course you are still able to embed the code manually.

Template based post styling

Style your game posts using simple “place holders” and generate an idividual look of your WordPress Arcade Portal.

Single Category Publishing

If you already have a WordPress blog and you want to attract your visitors with some flash games, this perfect feature will help you. It will publish all game in a single category. With that you don’t need to transform your entire blog into a pure arcade site. Just add a gaming section for your visitors!

Category Mapping

With this feature you can map default feed categories to your own category names. That allows you to publish games in translated or summarized categories instead of using the predefined category names from game distributors.

The category mapping is implemented with the modern AJAX technology. So you don’t need to click the “Save Settings” button. The changes in this section are saved automatically.

MyCRED Integration

Do you want to reward your visitors for visiting your arcade site, for playing game, for commenting games? Nothing easier than that! MyArcadePlugin has built in MyCRED integration

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