14 July 2011
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Create a 100% automated online games website

Did you know that can create fully automated arcade games website with WordPress and MyArcadePlugin? That means that no maintenance or administration is needed and that new games are added automatically. You don’t need to lift a finger!

This post will show you how to create a online games turnkey website with our WordPress Arcade Plugin. We will use MyArcadePlugin Ultimate Package for this because it comes with over 28.000 free online games. You need a functional WordPress installation, too.

If you don’t know how to setup WordPress please read here before you continue.

Now it’s time to import the games database dump that comes with the Ultimate package. Therefore we will use MySQLDumper, because MySQLDumper is able to handle huge SQL files:

  1. Download and unzip MySQLDumper
  2. Upload and install MySQLDumper on your server in e.g. http://YOUR_SITE.com/msd/
  3. Upload the games database dump file that comes with MyArcadePlugin Ultimate to your MySQLDumper directory at work/backup/ (http://YOUR_SITE.com/msd/work/backup/)
  4. Go to MySQLDumper (http://YOUR_SITE.com/msd/) and click on “Restore”
  5. Select the uploaded file
  6. Click on “Choose tables to be restored”
  7. Check wp_myarcadegames and click on “Restore”

At this point MySQLDumper will import over 28.000 games to your database. When the process is finished, you can delete MySQLDumper from your server. We don’t need it anymore.

The next step is the installation of MyArcadePlugin. Use FTP to upload MyArcadePlugin your WordPress Plugin directory (wp-content/plugins). Login to your Dashboard, click on Plugins and activate MyArcadePlugin.

Go to MyArcadePlugin Settings and activate the automated game publishing and select ‘hourly’. From now on MyArcadePlugin will check every hour if Mochi or Heyzap has published a new game. If so, the game will be published.

You remember, we have imported over 28.000 free flash games to your database. To publish these games automatically you will need to install AddGamesToBlogRobot Plugin. This is a WordPress Robot Plugin that automatically publishes games from the games database. MyArcadePlugin premium member can download this Robot Plugin for free on our Bonus Forum. Just upload and activate the Plugin and you will get every hour a new game post for over 3 YEARS! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

The goal of a Turnkey Website is to make money without doing anything. Just add Google Adsense and other game based advertisements. Lean back, relax and enjoy the money!

Have fun with your 100% automated WordPress Arcade Website!

7 responses on “Create a 100% automated online games website

  1. Gabriel says:


    I myself own an online games website, on a different arcade script. I am wondering whether you took into account the SEO aspect of this matter. Google gives points to those who post original content and by automatically importing games and descriptions, that already exist on other websites, that would bring the website down in google search results. So, the number of games has practically nothing to do with having lots of visitors or anything… So, my question for you is this: is it worth it to automatically import this large number of games if Google doesn’t like that and google is the one that can help you earn money from adsense and other means, like mochi ads and so on ???

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Gabriel,

      you are right! Only having unique content will bring you success and everybody knows that. Thereby, MyArcadePlugin has built in dynamic content generation with placeholders. It means, that you are able to generate unique game descriptions automatically. MyArcadePlugin v5 supports the following placeholders:
      %TITLE% – Show the game title
      %TAGS% – Show all game tags
      %THUMB% – Show the game thumbnail
      %DESCRIPTION% – Show game description
      %INSTRUCTIONS% – Show game instructions if available

      Here is an template example:
      Play %TITLE% for free! Check out %TITLE% Game Cheats, %TITLE% Reviews and %TITLE% Walkthrough! It would be great if you could login and share %TITLE% Cheats, Reviews and Walkthrough’s with us. That would help other players to finish this game and to have a lot of fun. Any %TITLE% hint is welcome. %TITLE is tagged under %TAGS%

      So you will not get banned from search engines because you have unique content now.

      Best regards,

  2. Gabriel says:

    Ok, you are partially right. And let me explain why “”partially”. Look at this thread: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=66359 . It says at the middle of the article something like this: Minimize boilerplate repetition: For instance, instead of including lengthy copyright text on the bottom of every page, include a very brief summary and then link to a page with more details. In addition, you can use the Parameter Handling tool to specify how you would like Google to treat URL parameters.
    In a way, your way of creating original content by elements like %TITLE% and so on is a repetition as it will appear like this in thousands of pages, only changing little like title inside a predefined formula. In the end, i think, google will after all penalize the website that does that. Don’t get me wrong, I am really really interested in your script, sadly not having the money to buy it for one of my projects, but still am interested in knowing how you deal with duplicate content and one website’s position in google search rankings.

    Hope you understand my intention and hope I didn’t disturb you too much with my comments…

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Gabriel,

      don’t worry, I’m happy for each suggestion and every constructive discussion 🙂
      Thank you for the link. The other feature we are working on is embedding the “TheBestSpinner” API to MyArcadePlugin. I think that and the template tags will generate 100% unique posts. But if you want to be on the save side then you should not run a automated site. You should rewrite every game description by yourself.

      Best regards,

  3. Gabriel says:

    Yup, I definitely think that rewriting each game description would surely do the job to rank well. It would be nice to have a feature like this, while importing games automatically from mochi, let’s say: you have the list of available games titles, descriptions and tags. You have the ability to write in a sepparate box the new title, description and translation and after editing, to say 5 games on a page, only then you can let them appear online on your site. The reason why you need to write in a sepparate box is the need to constantly see the original text and to write it somewhere else. What do you say? This would improve the way games get on a site and the way it ranks in Google search results.

  4. Gabriel says:

    P.S. I do agree that you will achieve 100% original content, no doubt, but what do you do on the repetition schema? As my example has shown, the google.com post on duplicate content and so on that I mentioned previously, you will still have a repeated formula or expression that appears on each page only changing title inside text. Google will see it like something created by a script and not by a human being. Won’t that be the nightmare of any website? Google will penalize it no matter what.

    What’s the big difference between two pages with repeated text? :

    Play now the best online games with “Mario and Luigi” and have fun with their adventures.

    Play now the best online games with “Yogi Bear” and have fun with their adventures.

    As you see from the above example, you can’t know if the game title is a plural or a singular: Mario and Luigi and Yogi Bear. So, you can’t automatically put “their adventures” for Mario and Luigi and “his adventures” for Yogi…

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