MyArcadePlugin Pro v4.20 – WPArcade Plugin is ready for download. On this version we have upgraded MyArcadePlugin Pro, MyGameListCreator and the FunGames theme. For MyGameListCreator and FunGames this is just a bugfix release but not for MyArcadePlugin Pro.

Out WordPress Arcade Plugin has also some new features as the following change log shows:

MyArcadePlugin v4.20:

  • New: Fetch HeyZap embed games
  • New: Added MyArcade menu to the WP Admin Bar
  • New: Option to edit highscore settings on Manage Games
  • New: Generate random file names when using manual import to avoid file overwrite
  • New: Don’t try to download HeyZap embed games
  • Fix: Leaderboard code not shown on some themes
  • Fix: Some css fixes