11 November 2013
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MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.10.0 released

Today a new MyArcadePlugin version with some really nice features has been released.

This version comes with new MyArcadeFeed distributors:

  • MyArcade Exclusive Games – This feed is hosted on MyArcadePlugin.com and it will contain exclusive and only high quality games. We’ve started with two awesome games but more will follow soon.
  • 2PG.com Games offers quality multiplayer games. Currently the feed contains about 50 really nice games which you can publish in a few seconds.

You can access those new feeds from “MyArcade -> Fetch Games -> MyArcadeFeed”.

The next cool feature is that now you can use SWFObject to embed flash games. SWFObject offers optimized Flash Player embed methods. To enable this feature navigate to MyArcade -> Settings -> General Settings -> Use SWFObject.

Furthermore the Spilgames integration has been updated. New categories have been added and now you can fetch HTML5 games, too.

Here is the complete changelog for MyArcadePlugin v5.10.0:

  • New: Updated MyArcadeFeed to handle embed / iframe games
  • New: MyArcadePlugin feed url added to MyArcadeFeed which will contain some exlusive games
  • New: 2PG feed url added to MyArcadeFeed (multiplayer games)
  • New: Spilgames – updated feed categories (Cooking Games, Match-3 Games, HTML5 Games, Sudoku Games)
  • New: Spilgames – Fetch and Embed HTML5 games
  • New: SWFObject integration (MyArcade -> General Settings -> Use SWFObject)
  • New: Filter to change SWFObject flashvars (myarcade_swfobject_flashvars)
  • New: Filter to change SWFObject parameters (myarcade_swfobject_params)
  • New: Filter to change SWFObject attributes (myarcade_swfobject_attributes)
  • New: Filter to change feed URL while fetching games (myarcade_fetch_url)
You should see an update notification on your WordPress dashboard within one day but you can also download it directly from your account.

6 responses on “MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.10.0 released

  1. David AE says:

    Awesome! How do I properly update without losing all my settings? eg the wordpress > admin > plugins doesn’t show an update avail even though I’m using the previous version so how best to update? thank you for an incredible plugin!

    • Daniel says:

      Hi David,
      The update notification should be displayed within 12 hours but you can update manually with ease, without losing your settings:

      1. Download the latest version
      2. Deactivate old version and delete it
      3. Upload and activate the new version
      4. Check your settings and save

  2. sun512 says:

    the new update was really very cool

  3. Thanks Daniel for the awsome update.

  4. Nathan Pinno says:

    Glad to see this update, but can’t wait until I can assign a specific user to publish games automatically (like an arcade bot user).

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