We have released a MyArcadePlugin Theme API! It is a set of functions that will make your live easier when you develop WordPress Arcade Theme. You can download the MyArcadePlugin Theme API on the documentation page for free: MyArcadePlugin Theme API Documentation.

There are 11 functions that you can use on building WP Arcade Themes:

List of all available functions:

  1. myarcade_get_leaderboard_code
  2. get_game
  3. is_game
  4. myarcade_title
  5. myarcade_excerpt
  6. myarcade_thumbnail
  7. myarcade_get_thumbnail_url
  8. myarcade_count_screenshots
  9. myarcade_screenshot
  10. myarcade_get_screenshot_url
  11. myarcade_all_screenshots

On the documentation page we have described everything add added usage examples for every function. Enjoy!