Right now we have released a new MyArcadePlugin version.  In this release we have added seven new features, fixed six issues and removed Mochi Media support. But don’t worry, you don’t need to give up Mochi Games. We have added a new import method for Mochi ZIP files. We call it Mochi Legacy import! On the import page select “Upload ZIP File / PHPBB / Mochi” and upload a Mochi ZIP. MyArcadePlugin will automatically extract the ZIP and import the game.

Here is a full list of changes for MyArcadePlugin v5.11.0

  • New: Manual import of Mochi ZIP games (Mochi Legacy)
  • New: Option to enable all categories on MyArcadeFeed
  • New: Draft button on Manage Games page
  • New: Publish manual imported games automatically (Cron)
  • New: Scirra Feed: “Example” category mapped to “Other”
  • New: Scirra: Don’t add games that are marked as deleted
  • New: Removed MySQL functions which are not compatible with MySQLi
  • Fix: Don’t query the game table on IBPArcade score submission
  • Fix: Spilgames – thumbnail: use bigger image if small image is not available
  • Fix: MyArcadeFeed game type recognition
  • Fix: MyArcadeFeed sanitize feed entries
  • Fix: Manage Scores – Get games independent of MYARCADE_GAME_TABLE
  • Fix: FlashGameDistribution – clean tags while fetching
  • Removed Mochi Media support: Service has been discontinued
You should see an update notification on your WordPress dashboard within one day but you can also download it directly from your account.


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