We have been working hard the last days to be able to make you an Easter gift. The most requested feature from our support forum have been added to our WordPress Arcade Plugin.


  • New: Unity Import Method (Upload .unity3d games)
  • New: GameFeed AutoPublisher by TalkArcades
  • New: Import games uploaded via FTP
  • New: Improved error handling in JavaScript
  • New: File size check before game uploads

Here is the description of the new features:

Unity Game Import

Now you are able to import Unity games directly from the “Import Games” page. There you can upload or grab .unity3d files.

GameFeed AutoPublisher by TalkArcades

This feature allows you post games directly from TalkArcades to your site. Therefor an account on TalkArcades forum is needed. After the registration navigate to GameFeed AutoPublisher and create your publisher:

  • Enter your Website URL
  • Script language: PHP 5
  • Script Type: WordPress
  • Download Publisher. You will get such a file: GameFeed_2013-03-30_18-31_ePHODNjaq7DKavjejTmWq1O37ICcYmcHg5zxf2Au4E7JJpXIc7d.php
  • On the next step copy GameFeed.php located in myarcadeplugin/gamefeed/ folder to your WordPress root folder (where wp-config.php and .htaccess) are located.
  • Rename GameFeed.php to the name of your downloaded file.
  • Now click on “Verify AutoPublisher” on the GameFeed site.
  • On the GameFeed site click on “Category maps” and map your categories.

Now you are able to use the GameFeed AutoPublisher. Navigate to a game and click on “publish” on the right sidebar.

Import games uploaded via FTP

Finally you will be able to import games uploaded via FTP. This is a cool feature if you have large game files that can’t be uploaded directly because of hosting server limitation.

Before the import you have to upload game files to wp-content/games/uploads/%file_type% folder. Upload SWF and DCR files to the “swf” folder.

Then go to the “Import Games” page select the import method, click on “Select from Folder” and select the desired file.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

How to update MyArcadePlugin?

MyArcadePlugin has built in automated updater. On your WordPress dashboard you should see an update notification within the next 12 hours.