Today we are excited to introduce new MyArcadeTheme 6 with amazing new features. This new release boosts MyArcadeTheme flexibility to a new level. In this release, we have added six new features, optimized a few things and fixed three reported issues. These new features have been added:

  • Single line header
  • Configurable widget areas next to the game container
  • Layout builder for the play-games page
  • Option to display related games on the slider belt on the single games page
  • Games widget that is able to display random or related games
  • Option to change the game buttons location (above or below the game)

Let’s take a look at the new features:

Header Layouts

With MyArcadeTheme 6 you have an option to chose between two header styles:

  • Magazine Style Header (default)
  • Horizontal Single Line

The Horizontal Single Line is a small header optimized for mobile devices. It comes with a slide-in menu for smartphones and tablets.

Now let’s see how the mobile slide menu looks on a mobile device.

MyArcadeTheme - Mobile Slide Menu
MyArcadeTheme – Mobile Slide Menu

Mobile Slide Menu Demonstration

Game Container Sidebars

Another great feature allows you to activate widgets next to the game. There are four options:

  • Full-width game, without sidebars (default)
  • Left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • Left and Right sidebar
MyArcadeTheme - Game Sidebars
MyArcadeTheme – Game Sidebars

The following video demonstrates the new sidebar feature.

Game Page Layout Builder

To make the theme more flexible we have added a page builder for the game-play page. It allows you to re-order the elements/content displayed below the game by Drag & Drop. If you want to remove a section just move it to the “Disable” container. So, let’s see the new feature in action:

Game Buttons – Flexible Positions

We have added an option that allows you to change the position of the game buttons (Fullscreen, Favorites, Lights Off, Share…) This is a small but helpful feature for some use cases.

MyArcadeTheme 6 Changelog

Here is our full changelog for this release:

  • New – Option to switch between two different headers (magazine style or single line header)
  • New – Layout Builder for the play-games page. (Appearance → Theme Options → Games Page)
  • New – Option to display related games on the slider belt on the single games page
  • New – Layout builder for the play game container. Widget sidebars added next to the game
  • New – Games widget to show random or related games
  • New – Option to change the game buttons location (above or below the game)
  • Tweak – Display only one category as thumbnail hover instead of multiple categories
  • Tweak – Updated language file and renamed translations
  • Tweak – Display images on game descriptions on the game play page
  • Fix – Query mobile games on mobile devices
  • Fix – Game resize on small devices not working properly
  • Fix – Exclude blog posts for the slider and promoted games box

Those features are exclusively available for the paid MyArcadeTheme version that comes with our Ultimate package.

What do you think about the new release? Do you like it? Please leave a comment below.