A few minutes ago we have published MyArcadeTheme 5.5. This release adds some new features and fixes several issues.

In detail:

Our fullscreen integration has been updated to the latest version (fullscreen.js – v4.1.0). Additionally, we have replaced “WP Lightbox 2” plugin with an integrated lightbox. So WP Lightbox 2 plugin isn’t required anymore and can be removed.

In this release, we have also tweaked several features. For header and footer codes we have replaced the text area fields with simple code editors.

You will notice that we have moved play game page settings to a subsection to make the UI a bit cleaner.

Furthermore, we have fixed 3 issues reported by our users. Thank you for reporting issues. This helps us to make our theme even better!

Here is the full changelog for MyArcadeTheme v5.5:

= v5.5.0 – 2019-03-21 =

  • New – screenfull.js updated to version v4.1.0 (Fixes fullscreen issues)
  • New – New lightbox gallery script integrated directly into the theme (no more plugins required!)
  • Tweak – Header code option now includes a simple code editor (to help resolve errors)
  • Tweak – Footer code option now includes a simple code editor (to help resolve errors)
  • Tweak – Moved Play Game Page Settings to Subsection to clean up the UI
  • Tweak – Old lightbox recommendation removed from suggested plugins
  • Tweak – Replaced HTTP links by HTTPS in default settings
  • Fix – Front page sorting not working properly after page reload
  • Fix – Dark style – Color adjustments for game sorting dropdowns
  • Fix – PHP notice when using Yoast SEO Opengraph
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