Arcade websites are not particularly known to make it into news editorials as a source for knowledge. Therefore many think that getting backlinks for arcade websites is only possible through link exchanges, link spamming, and other blackhat methods. However, what if I told you there are ways to generate backlinks to your website that will not result in a message from Google’s web spam team and will increase your traffic? Below are 5 ways to generate free backlinks to your website.

1. Top Arcade Sites

Top Arcade Sites are websites that show off the most popular arcade websites on the internet according to traffic and other metrics. By using these websites (within reason,) you can improve the amount of natural backlinks that you have in Google. If your website is on 20+ top arcade websites and you are linking to all of them in the footer this can be seen as a link farm and it can damage your rankings.

2. Forum & Comment Links

While these types of links are typically no-followed they can be rather beneficial to your website. A commenter or someone on a forum might see the link in your signature and they might check out your website. Imagine those links on hundreds if not thousands of forum posts that are ranking highly in Google you can generate a large amount of traffic.

3. Directory Submissions

Website directories have been around since the dawn of the internet and while they can typically hurt your website rankings, in some cases it can be beneficial to your website. If you submit your website to some directories in an acceptable amount you might see your rankings increase. However, if you submit your website to several high-quality niche directories then you can expect your rankings to increase.

4. Proper Link Exchanges

Link Exchanging is a common practice in the arcade industry and it can be both beneficial and potentially dangerous to your website. If you have a few link exchanges to websites in your niche Google will see it as a natural link. However, if you have 40+ links in the footer of your website Google can take action against your website. Try trading a few link with other websites in the same niche as your own.

5. Social Media Websites

Social Media is huge and it can generate a huge amount of traffic. Websites like Buzzfeed and others mostly rely on social media traffic. If you don’t already have a Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter page for your websites or company try creating one and send out messages every day.

Just remember that no matter how you try to get niche edits, backlinks and SEO of any sort – take care and make sure to not abuse the systems. If you do your rankings can and will suffer.