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[Stats] TOP 10 Arcade Sites in week 39

It's time for a new TOP Arcade Sites post. In week 39 MyArcadePlugin generated 1.782.664 game plays. 327.732 game plays more  than a week before.  Last week  75 sites have been updated to the latest MyArcadePlugin version. In total 323 sites use MyArcadePlugin v5.30...

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[Stats] TOP 10 Arcade Sites in week 38

Since the last MyArcadePlugin release which we have published two weeks ago we are able to generate top lists of MyArcadePlugin sites. Till today 248 of all MyArcadePlugin sites have been updated to the latest version. In this post series we will publish a weekly top...

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.30.0

After several weeks of hard work we are ready to release a new MyArcadePlugin version. This is an awesome release with a lot of new features! We are proud to announce that we have partnered with "GameDistribution". Now you will be able to fetch their awesome games and...

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Celebrating MyArcadePlugin’s 8th Birthday! 30% Discount!

We are celebrating our 8th Birthday with a special offer for you! Get a 30% discount on your MyArcadePlugin purchase! The offer ends on 2017-06-30. In recent years MyArcadePlugin has become the most popular Arcade Script and WordPress Arcade Plugin in the world....

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.29.0

A day after the new WordPress 4.8 release we have updated MyArcadePlugin, too. It is fully compatible with the latest WordPress version. Additionally we have added a few new features and removed FlashGameDistribution feed because they discontinued their service. =...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v5.1.0

We are happy to announce that we have released a new MyArcadeTheme version. In this release we have added 4 new features, improved 3 things and fixed 4 known issues. Now you will be able to set a color for your toolbar on mobile devices like shown in the picture...

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.28.0

We are working hard to update and improve MyArcadePlugin. Only 10 days after our last update we finished the new version today. On this release we have significantly improved the game thumbnails handling. Additionally we have added an option to select preferred...

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.27.1

A few hours ago we have released a new MyArcadePlugin Pro version. We have fixed a few known issues and improved SSL handling. = MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.27.1 - Changelog = New - Plinga - SSL suppport added New - Softgames - SSL suppport added New - Option to handle SSL...

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When Monetizing Arcades Be Creative Yet Courteous

When you start your first arcade you are likely focused on two things. What games you have on there and how many ads you can put on there and it's important to realize that you can't just stick advertisements all over the place one because it impacts your load time,...

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.27.0

A new MyArcadePlugin Pro version has been released today. As you already know SSL is becoming more and more important. MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.27.0 will check during the game publishing process if your site uses SSL and it will change game URLs automatically to "HTTPS"...

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