16 October 2011
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[Bonus] IBPArcade Robot – Plugin

Today is the day to reward MyArcadePlugin Pro user with a new premium plugin. IBPArcade Robot (IBProArcade Robot) is a module for MyArcadePlugin Pro that is able to download, extract and publishd IBPArcade games automatically. The only thing you have to do is to add download links into a text area. Everything else the Robot Plugin will do for you.

Here is short video that shows some features of IBPArcade Robot Plugin:

Download IBPArcade Robot


IBPArcade Robot (IBProArcade Robot) is available on the support forum for all premium users. Purchase MyArcadePlugin now and become a premium member of our outstanding community!

5 responses on “[Bonus] IBPArcade Robot – Plugin

  1. […] IBPArcade Robot for MyArcadePlugin Hi all, today I've released a new bonus plugin for MyArcadePlugin Pro member. It's called IBPArcade Robot. The plugin will automatically download IBPArcade games from given URL's and publish the games automatically on your site. Here is a short video that shows the features of IBPArcade Robot: […]

  2. Misho says:

    How to download this bonus?

  3. admin99 says:

    is it for download files from Mochi server and update my published games?

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