In version 5.4 of FunGames, we released several changes but the biggest one to note is the fact that the theme now comes with a lazy loading option. Lazy Loading is where the browser will not load content until it comes into view in this case we managed to integrate it with all of the images in the theme. The biggest advantage of this is it will greatly improve the load time of your website for your visitors.

Many of the users will not scroll to the bottom of the page before they find a game they want to play? Now why would you force them to download all of the images that are at the bottom of the page when they never see them. That’s where lazy loading comes in if you have 10 images that fall out of the browser’s view then they will not load unless the browsers scrolls to see them.

If you have not already updated your FunGames theme to version 5.4 I recommend doing so as soon as possible and to enable the lazy load option.

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