When moving your arcade website over to an SSL,  there are a lot of immediate benefits including but not limited to, the following:

  • Improved Security.
  • Privacy Protection.
  • Performance Improvements (with access to HTTP 2).

However, there are some clear issues you should be aware of before migrating your website. The first issue is, any games on your WordPress website that are not supported by HTTPS (games hosted on other servers with no SSL) will not function. This is because of the nature of SSL. You are not allowed to serve insecure content over a secured connection. This is because it would break the security of that page. To avoid this issue, always download games onto your own server (or host them on a server that supports HTTPS).

If you are using HTML 5 games only use games from distributors that support HTTPS. Then send an email directly to distributors who do not support HTTPS and let them know you are unable to use their games. As distributors are pressured by users they will be more inclined to add support for HTTPS. This will, in turn, will benefit everyone.

Now, if you have made sure that your site is ok for SSL, let’s go through the process of getting a free SSL through CloudFlare.

Installing An SSL Through CloudFlare

CloudFlare offers a universal SSL that anyone can get for their website, for free! There are some points to make note of though and we will walk you through them below.

  1. Go to the CloudFlare website and signup for an account. https://cloudflare.com
  2. Afterwards, follow the included instructions on how to update your nameservers to CloudFlare’s.
  3. You will now have access to an admin panel (even if your CloudFlare status is still pending you should be able to configure the SSL)
  4. In your crypto settings set the SSL to “flexible.”
  5. Scroll down and enable “always use HTTPS” and turn this setting on.
  6. Enable “opportunistic encryption.”
  7. Enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.”

Afterwards, go to your WordPress website and install and activate the following plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/ this will then take care of any rewrite issues and have your site rocking and rolling with a free SSL from CloudFlare!