21 March 2014
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Mochi Media is CLOSING!

We have sad news for all arcade site owners. Mochi Media – the biggest flash game distributor is closing their service on 1th April. If you hotlink to Mochi Media games then those games will stop working. You have to download all Mochi Media games to your server in order to keep them working.

Here is the official Mochi Media post: Mochi Media winding down; services end date of 3-31-2014

We have implemented a small plugin that will update your published games. It will download files from Mochi server and update your published games. You can download it on our bonus forum: MyArcadeMochi Plugin

In addition to the MyArcadeMochi Plugin we have created a link list with all 78300 Mochi games. If you want to download all available games then get the link list here: Mochi Game Links

General Mochi Closing Topic: Mochi Media Is Shutting Down

We are all sad about this decision because Mochi was the best game distribution service.

R.I.P Mochi

6 responses on “Mochi Media is CLOSING!

  1. GIOACCHINO says:

    No one responds to emails …. And the third one that I send you the links to published work only in small part. You can not do you a dowload for all your customers.

    Thanks for the reply

    • Daniel says:

      Hello GIOACCHINO,
      The last email we got from you was on 2014-02-19 at 10:41pm and we answered it at 11:09pm (30 minutes later). If we have missed one of your emails please send it again.
      All MyArcadePlugin customers can download the MyArcadeMochi plugin and the link list on our support forum. Just click on My Account and login. Then navigate to Forum -> Bonus Forum and download it.

      Best regards,

  2. JAMIE says:

    Hi is there a quick way of deleting all Mochi games thanks.

  3. pedroarnau23 says:


    I have downloaded the games, but now, a lot of those games that I have downloaded they are not working.

    Do you know what has happened? The developers has dennied to play to those .SWF files downloaded from mochimedia?

    I will be waiting for your answerr.


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