14 April 2013
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Move phpArcadeScript to MyarcadePlugin

We have released a new plugin on exells.com which will help you to move your old phpArcadeScript arcade site to MyArcadePlugin. The plugin will guide you step-by-step through the migration process and on the end all your users, categories and games will be transformed to WordPress.

MyArcadeMigrate is able to migrate the following features from phpArcadeScript:

  • Users: Username, Join Date, Website, Games Played and Email Address. Passwords can’t be migrated. You will need to use the “Reset User Passwords Plugin” to generate new user passwords.
  • Game Categories
  • Games
  • Link Structure

After the migration your old game will be converted to MyArcadePlugin and your existing links will remain functional. That means that you will not lose your ranking or links. You will just transform your outdated Arcade site to MyArcadePlugin!

The migration process for users and games is indicated by a progress bar and a list of currently transformed games and migrated users.

9 responses on “Move phpArcadeScript to MyarcadePlugin

  1. Abdul says:

    I want to transfer my site flashgore.com to myarcadeplugin plugin
    Do I install myarcadeplugin plugin and WordPress on my domain first? How does it work what’s the process?
    Does it work with any version of phparcadescript?
    Because I don’t have the latest version of it

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Abdul,
      – You will need to install WordPress, MyArcadePlugin and MyArcadeMigrate on your domain. You can use a subdomain, too.
      – Then you need enter your database connection data of your phpArcadeScript at MyArcadeMigrate setings and follow the transformation steps.
      – We have tested the transformation with phpArcadeScript 4 Database. If you send us your database dump then we can test our plugin with your version.

      Best regards,

  2. Dario says:

    this plugin works with Arcadem Pro? Or do I have to wait for another version?

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Daniel,

    I’ve using the Zemango arcade plugin script publishing Big Fish Games since 2007 as a hobby. Is there a migration plugin available?

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