Today we have published the last major releases for 2012 :). A lot of new features have been added to MyArcadePlugin and FunGames.

MyArcadePlugin – WP Arcade Plugin

MyArcadePlugin v5.70 comes with 11 new features and 3 resolved issues. Before we start to explain the new features one by one here is a list of all changes we made:

  • New: Option to organize files in sub folders
  • New: FreeGamesForYourWebsite Feed updated to the new structure
  • New: Improved unique file name generation
  • New: Add only post metas if they are not empty
  • New: Publish Games directly from edit games form
  • New: Add game slug to post meta
  • New: Filter game dimensions in full screen mode
  • New: Filter game categories on post creation
  • New: Filter game tags on post creation
  • New: Display custom taxonomies on game edit page if custom post type is activated
  • New: WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • Fix: Language selection on Google translator
  • Fix: Mochi Auto Post
  • Fix: Cron publishes every time the same game when “Featured Image” is activated

Let’s take a look at some of the new features:

Game file organization

This is a really cool feature! You can “tell” MyArcadePlugin how the files should be organized. There are two placeholders available which you can combine: %game_type% and %alphabetical%.

Here are some examples:

1) Folder structure: %alphabetical%/

Files location: /games/A/awesome.swf , /games/B/burn.swf

2) Folder structure: %game_type%/%alphabetical%/

Files location: /games/mochi/A/awesome.swf , /games/ibparcade/S/supreme.swf

3) Folder structure: %alphabetical%/%game_type%/

File location: /games/A/mochi/awesome.swf , /games/G/custom/glow.swf

4) Leave the file organization setting empty and MyArcadePlugin will put all the files in a single folder (like older MyArcadePlugin versions): /games/awesome.swf

ATTENTION: The default file structure is set to %game_type%/%alphabetical%/ If you want to change it then you will need to adjust your settings!

New Filters

On this release some new filters have been added to make it easy to hook into MyArcadePlugin and to change or manipulate several things automatically.

Fullscreen Filters

With myarcade_fullscreen_width and myarcade_fullscreen_height you can limit the game dimensions on the fullscreen view.


add_filter('myarcade_fullscreen_width', 'myfullwidth_function');
function myfullwidth_function( $width ) {
global $post;

if ( $post->ID == XX ) {
return '80%';

return $width;


Category Filter

myarcade_filter_category allows you to manipulate game categories while game posta are created. The filter passes two variables to your function:

1. Array, containing game category IDs
2. Game object


add_filter('myarcade_filter_category', 'my_category_filter', 10, 2);
function my_category_filter( $categoryIDs, $game) {
// Add every mochi game to the 'Mochi' category too
if ( $game->game_type == 'mochi' ) {
$categoryIDs[] = get_cat_ID('Mochi');

return $categpryIDs;


Tags Filter

myarcade_filter_tags allows you to manipulate tags for every game. This filter passed two arguments to your custom function:

1. Comma separated game tags
2. Game object


add_filter('myarcade_filter_tags', 'my_tag_filter', 10, 2);

function my_tag_filter( $tags, $game) {
// Add mochi tag to every mochi game
if ( $game->game_type == 'mochi' ) {
$tags .= ',mochi';

return $tags;


FunGames – WP Arcade Theme

FunGames – the reference WP Arcade Theme that is full packed with awesome features has been updated to v4.70. This time 19 new features have been added and four issues have been resolved. An online demo is available on the FunGames24 page.

  • New: Game landing page (Pre-Game Page) with customizable endpoint name
  • New: Sort-able Game Box (AJAXED)
  • New: Hall Of Fame – Best Player Box
  • New: Contest front page box
  • New: Contest Notifications on game play page
  • New: Google Rich Snippets (WP-PostRatings Plugin required)
  • New: Improved Full Screen (User will not be logged out)
  • New: Favorite Button will not refresh the page (AJAXED)
  • New: Optimized options panel
  • New: Login form on all pages
  • New: Login form can be deactivated from the theme options page
  • New: Option to deactivate Lights Switch
  • New: Option to deactivate Full Screen feature
  • New: Option to deactivate Favorite Button
  • New: Option to have both sliders active at the same time
  • New: A lot of do_actions
  • New: Multi-Row Menu
  • New: WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • New: Timthumb updated to 2.8.10
  • Fix: Turn Lights Off / On optimized
  • Fix: Heading on tag pages
  • Fix: Loginform color moved to css file
  • Fix: Updated Ultimate Facebook Integration

How to use pre-game page?

On Appearance -> Theme Options -> Game Page -> Activate Pre-Game Page and click on “Save Changes”. Then you have to visit your Permalinks settings: Settings -> Permalinks to update the new permalink structure (Don’t save, just visit the page).

New Actions for arcade theme developers

Now, it will be much easier to extend the FunGames theme. We have added over 30 actions where you can hook into. Here is a list with new actions:

  • 404.php
    • fungames_after_404_content
  • archive.php
    • fungames_before_archive
    • fungames_after_archive
  • contest-promo.php
    • fungames_before_contest_promo
    • fungames_after_contest_promo
  • footer.php
    • fungames_before_footer
    • fungames_after_footer
  • games-play.php
    • fungames_before_game
    • fungames_after_game
  • games-sortable.php
    • fungames_before_sortable_game_box
    • fungames_after_sortable_game_box
  • hall-of-fame.php
    • fungames_before_hall_of_fame
    • fungames_after_hall_of_fame
  • header.php
    • fungames_before_wrapper
    • fungames_before_header
    • fungames_before_menu
    • fungames_after_menu
    • fungames_before_content
  • index.php
    • fungames_after_boxes
    • fungames_before_content_end
  • page.php
    • fungames_before_page
    • fungames_after_page
    • fungames_before_content_end
  • search.php
    • fungames_before_search
    • fungames_after_search
    • fungames_before_content_end
  • sidebar.php
    • fungames_before_sidebar_widgets
    • fungames_after_sidebar_widgets
  • single-play.php
    • fungames_before_content_end
  • single.php
    • fungames_before_content_end

MyArcadePlugin Auto Updater has been activated and you should see the new version within 12 hours. FunGames v4.70 can be downloaded on the support forum.

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