Dear MyArcadePlugin Affiliate Partner!

First of all, we would like to thank you for beeing MyArcadePlugin Affiliate Partner! Our aim is to make MyArcadePlugin even better and more attractive for new customers. Thereby we have launched a new MyArcadePlugin site and integrated an affiliate system directly into our site. That means that we will no longer user the e-junkie affiliate system.

How to migrate to our new affiliate system?

  • Click on My Account, create a new account and log in
  • On My Account you will need to enter your Billing Address. This is required if you want to get payed.
  • Click on the Affiliate tab an sign in. Please refresh the page once you have joined the affiliate program.

You can find our new banner on this page:

The other thing is that the affiliate commission is increased to 9 EURO ( ~ 12 USD) per sale.

On 01.02 we have increased our prices and you should update your affiliate posts. Please update your affiliate links if you still want to make money with MyArcadePlugin. We will close the e-junkie affiliate programm in a few weeks and old affiliate links will become invalid.

We wish you a lot of affiliate sales with the new MyArcadePlugin 🙂

BTW: A few minutes ago we’ve sent you your affiliate commissions for January 2013!