After many long nights, we have finished the new version of MyArcadePlugin Pro. We have added 21 new features to the plugin and 19 enhancements to the FunGames Theme.

MyArcadePlugin Pro

MyArcadePlugin Pro got a new look and feel for the backend. Now, the setup will be more comfortable. The new Ajaxed Category-Mapping brings you undreamt-of possibilities. You will be able to map Mochi Media’s and HeyZap category names to your own names. That allows you to publish games in translated or summarized categories instead of using the predefined category names from game distributors.

The other important features are that MyArcadePlugin Pro is now able to save IBProArcade (IBPArcade) scores and that your user can use import functionality to post games to your site…


v4.00 – 2011-01-08

  1. New: New look & feel of the settings page. Now, the setup will be more comfortable.
  2. New: Mochi Bridge enhancement. Submitted medals will be saved.
  3. New: Ajaxed Category-Mapping – map Mochi/HeyZap categories to your own category names
  4. New: Save urls to gameplay videos that Mochi provides with some games. Videos are hosted on Vimeo, YouTube or WeGame.
  5. New: Import DCR Games
  6. New: Detect dimensions of SWF files automatically on import
  7. New: Save scores for IBPArcade v2, v3 and v32
  8. New: Option to save posts as draft
  9. New: Option to enable only highscore submitting. Only the highest score of an user per game will be saved.
  10. New: Session management
  11. New: Default values for HeyZap settings
  12. New: Completely rewritten HeyZap integration. Everything adapted to HeyZap API v2
  13. New: Download for HeyZap games and screen shots
  14. New: Use only the first category option to avoid game publishing in more categories.
  15. New: Option to create game categories as subcategories of a parent category.
  16. New: Grab games (SWF, DCR or IBPArcade) from other sites with URLs
  17. New: Ajaxed game import modules
  18. New: Delete blank/zero scores
  19. New: Delete all scores
  20. New: Allow Contributors, Editors and Authors to import games
  21. New: Tag filter for the Mochi’s feed
  22. Fix: Import IBPArcade v32 games
  23. Fix: Unable to create ‘Life & Style’ category
  24. Fix: ‘headers already sent’ warning

FunGames Theme

v3.00 – 2011-01-08

  1. New: New look & feel for the theme settings
  2. New: 4 color variations that can be selected from the backend (Default, Red, Blue, Pink)
  3. New: Add custom header from the backend without touching the code
  4. New: Change the body background from the backend without touching the code
  5. New: Add a body background image from the backend without touching the code
  6. New: Based on the MyArcadeBlogThemes Theme API
  7. New: Option to exclude categories from the top menu
  8. New: Option to exclude category boxes from the front page
  9. New: Option to exclude pages from the footer menu
  10. New: Option to change the number of games in the featured slider
  11. New: Option to change the number of games per game box on the front page
  12. New: Option to change the alignment of the category boxes (vertical / horizontal)
  13. New: 4 widgets in the footer section added
  14. New: Replace the logo without touching the code
  15. New: Add meta keywords from the theme options
  16. New: Add meta description from the theme options
  17. New: Option to add custom header codes e.g. for Mochi verification
  18. New: Option to add custom footer codes e.g. Google Analytics Code
  19. New: Option to add your MyArcadePlugin affiliate link without touching the code
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