A few minutes ago a new MyArcadePlugin version has been released. In this release we removed Playtomic support because Playtomic closed down their game distribution API. We are sad about this step because Playtomic provided us with great games for a long time!

Here is the complete Changelog for the current MyArcadePlugin version:

  • New: Filter to change game author (myarcade_filter_post_author)
  • New: Filter to change swf embed parameters (myarcade_embed_parameters)
  • Fix: Microsoft Translator error handling
  • Fix: “No Game ID” error on some special servers
  • Playtomic support removed because they closed their distribution API

How to use new filters?

The filter ‘myarcade_filter_post_author’ allows you to manipulate the user while game publishing process. This example function will publish all games as user with the id 3:


function my_game_author_filter($user_id, $game = false) {
return 3;

add_filter( ‘myarcade_filter_post_author’, ‘my_game_author_filter’, 10, 2 );

The filter ‘myarcade_embed_parameters’ allows you to manipulate SWF embed code parameters such wmode, quality or you can add your own parameters with ease. Here is an example function which will block all external links in a flash game:


function my_embed_parameters( $parameters, $post_id = false ) {
return ‘wmode=”direct” menu=”false” allowNetworking=”internal”‘;
add_filter( ‘myarcade_embed_parameters’ , ‘my_embed_parameters’, 10, 2);[/code]

How to update MyArcadePlugin?

MyArcadePlugin has built in automated updater. On your WordPress dashboard you should see an update notification within the next 12 hours. If you don’t want to want to wait for the update notification you can download MyArcadePlugin from “My Account” and update it manually.