We have released a new version of FunGames that brings some much-needed changes including WordPress 4.6 compatibility several bbPress improvements, some general style fixes that improve its appearance and theme check compliance!

We have also removed CubePoints integration as the plugin has not been updated in 3+ years and we recommend that you use MyCred to handle all your points now!

= v5.6.0 – 2016-09-07 =

  • New – WordPress 4.6 Compatibility
  • New – Show proper title on BuddyPress pages when using Yoast SEO
  • New – Fullscreen pages are now responsive
  • New – Visual Editor for bbPress
  • New – Better bbPress forums-index
  • New – Theme Check Compliance
  • Tweak – Comment form now fills the entire space and is responsive
  • Tweak – Sorry MySpace!
  • Tweak – Removed obsolete CubePoints files
  • Tweak – Use get_template_directory() on includes to improve child theme compatibility
  • Fix – Shows submit button on /activity/ page now when attempting to post
  • Fix – Removed all useless schema
  • Fix – Removes icon on bbPress notice
  • Fix – Fixes search alignment on /members/ page
  • Fix – BuddyPress user activity now displays properly on mobile
  • Fix – Fixes user-login menu on mobile and tablet devices. (text was white on grey and unreadable)