19 November 2016
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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.26.0

We have finished our tasks for the next MyArcadePlugin version. Today we have released the MyArcadePlugin v5.26.0. In this release we have added some awesome new features.

Now you are able to fetch only mobile games. If you enable this feature, MyArcadePlugin will try to determinate the game type and add only games to your database that are compatible with mobile devices.

Additionally we updated the TalkArcades GameFeed Autopublisher integration. Now you don’t need to copy/paste the TA integration file anymore. Just enter the name of the file in MyArcadePlugin settings and MyArcadePlugin will handle everything for you!

MyArcadePlugin v5.26.0 changelog

  • New – Option to fetch only mobile games
  • New – Updated GameFeed AutoPublisher by TalkArcades
  • New – Option to configure GameFeed AutoPublisher from the backend (You don’t need to copy the feed integration file to your main folder anymore)
  • New – Filter to allow game filtering on fetching ( apply_filters( ‘myarcade_add_fetched_game’, true, $game ) )
  • New – Updated Spilgames integration
  • Fix – Displaying of PlayToMax games
  • Fix – Delete user records from highscore and medal tables on user delete

You should see an update notification in your WordPress dashboard within the next day or you can update manually by downloading the update from your account.

6 responses on “[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.26.0

  1. Alain says:

    Fix – Displaying of PlayToMax games
    still not fixed for me

    it show the link of the game in a box

  2. paidbuy says:

    Want to buy. l have server can you tell me total disk space needed to fetch for 31.000+ Fetched Games. If possible can you tell exact how much disk space needed for the script including 31.000+ Fetched Games

    I asked here cause I dont fnd any support email address or in forum


    • Scott says:

      I don’t quite remember any questions in the forum about this but it really varies. I don’t have all 31k games on my site now but it will be a couple gigs easily. If you have a limited supply of storage I suggest you add them manually or in a slow drip such as doing 1000 games at a time and monitor your storage usage.

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