9 September 2017
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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.30.0

After several weeks of hard work we are ready to release a new MyArcadePlugin version. This is an awesome release with a lot of new features!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with “GameDistribution“. Now you will be able to fetch their awesome games and earn money trough the revenue share program. Therefor you will need to create an account at the GameDistribution site.

Furthermore, in this release we have added a statistic dashboard where a lot of stats are displayed so you can analyze your games and the user behavior. Currently these statistics widgets are available:

  • Summary Plays: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Total
  • Top 10 Games of all time
  • Daily game plays chart for 30 days
  • Hourly game plays chart for last 24 hours
  • Latest game plays with play durations
  • Ratio pie chart: registered vs. unregistered users
  • Most active users
  • Unpopular games
  • Currently unplayed games

Here is the full changelog:

  • New – GameDistribution feed integration (http://www.gamedistribution.com/games/)
  • New – Stats page with useful statistics
  • New – Track game plays and play durations for each game and user
  • New – Global game play counter
  • New – Count game plays for each game
  • Tweak – Moved all images and css files to assets folder
  • Tweak – Removed unused images
  • Tweak – FOG – Optimized fetching to avoid broken images
  • Tweak – FOG – Changed default thumbnail size to medium (180×135)
  • Tweak – Create required folders on access if they not exist
  • Tweak – Optimized import handler JS code to avoid conflicts if TinyMCE is disabled

9 responses on “[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.30.0

  1. lucas.janequine.lopes@gmail.com says:

    Hey guys this is awesome, I have just started using the plugin. This new version is even better!

    Thanks guys

    Lucas from funnyquickgames.com

  2. mau77 says:

    Where is the link for the downloads?

    • Daniel says:


      If you have an active subscription then you can download it directly from your myarcadeplugin account or do an auto update from your WordPress dashboard.

      If your subscription is expired send me your email with your order number and I’ll send you a 50% renewal discount.

      Best regards

  3. PlayGame.com says:

    I’m new here and I am just trying this out, thanks and I hope this works for PlayGame.com

  4. bitcoinat says:

    this is my email bitcoinaat@gmail.com
    this is my old 14701 can you send the discont code to my email and thank you

  5. silanet says:


    Where is the link for the downloads?

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