1 September 2016
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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v4.2.0

Today we have finished a new MyArcadeTheme version for you. We have added a lot of new features and fixed known issues.

= v4.2.0 – 2016-09-01 =

  • New – Home Widget – Game Carousel
  • New – Veedi integration
  • New – Option to hide favorite games on the user panel widget
  • New – Background colors on BuddyPress tabs
  • New – Select thumbnail size on widgets (random games, most played and most rated)
  • New – Moved mobile settings to own tab
  • New – Hide footer widgets on mobile devices to improve load time / appearance (Enable on theme options)
  • Fix – Banner size on friv layouts
  • Tweak – Hide custom menu items on small screens
  • Tweak – Removed blue background while images are loading

Let’s take a look at a few new features:

Home Widget – Game Carousel

We have added a new widget for your front page that will show games from selected category within a carousel. The carousel widget is mobile / touch ready.

Home Carousel

Home Carousel

Veedi Integration

The Veedi support has been added in the new release. On the theme options (Game Play Settings) you can enable the Veedi support and enter your publisher ID. The walktrough videos will be displayed below the game description on the game play page.

MyArcadeTheme Veedi

MyArcadeTheme Veedi

Thumbnails on sidebar widgets

Now, several sidebar widgets allows you to select a thumbnail size. If you select “Small” then a small image with the game mane will be displayed. Medium size will show the regular thumbnails with and game title on hover.

Small Thumbnails

Small Thumbnails


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