17 December 2017
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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v5.2.0

We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of MyArcadeTheme. This release we added 21 new features and options, made 2 improvements and fixed 1 bug. Most notably this release includes expanded archive support allowing you to customize categories, tags, and search archives. In addition, the toolbar color feature added in the previous release will now also affect windows mobile devices!

MyArcadeTheme v5.2.0 Changelog
* New – WordPress 4.9 ready
* New – Real Fullscreen mode without reloading
* New – Breadcrumbs on category pages option
* New – Toolbar color for Microsoft Mobile Devices
* New – Smooth scrolling option for desktop
* New – Menu to modify tag pages exactly like categories
* New – Set the number of games that load on Tag Archive Pages
* New – Option to show the tag description
* New – Option to show an expandable box for tag description (for extra long descriptions)
* New – Option to show breadcrumbs on Tag Archive Pages
* New – Set the layout for Tag Archives
* New – Set the order of games in the tag archives
* New – Filters to change the order, and style of tag archive pages (like categories)
* New – Panel to customize your search results page
* New – Set the number of games the load per page on search result pages
* New – Enable / Disable BreadCrumbs on Search Result Pages
* New – Set the layout for Search Result Pages
* New – Option to specify the number of tags on the tag cloud widget
* New – Option to specify the number of categories on the tag cloud widget
* New – Support for WordPress image galleries
* Tweak – Don’t load sticky sidebar JS on mobile
* Tweak – Changed meta viewport tag to reflect google recommendation
* Fix – Sort option on tags & categories does nothing

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