27 September 2017
Top Arcade Sites
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[Stats] TOP 10 Arcade Sites in week 38

Since the last MyArcadePlugin release which we have published two weeks ago we are able to generate top lists of MyArcadePlugin sites. Till today 248 of all MyArcadePlugin sites have been updated to the latest version.

In this post series we will publish a weekly top list of MyArcadePlugin sites. Let’s take a look at the results of the week 38 (2017-09-18 till 2017-09-24):

In the week 38 MyArcadePlugin generated 1.454.932 game plays with 248 sites.

TOP 10 Arcade Sites [Week 38]

No. Screenshot Name Plays
1. Games @ WeThePeeps 148.578
2. Gameflash 136.845
3. Project Glaive 134.088
4. Play MyArcade 107.771
5. Friv Rest 83.359
6. The Dalles Networks 62.627
7. Play 5 Games 38.857
8. Juegos en Directo 36.278
9. Mini Juegos 32.731
10. Juegos Net 31.467

P.S: If you still use an outdated MyArcadePlugin version you should consider updating to the new version to enable awesome new features and to get listed on MyArcadePlugin site.

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