While MyArcadePlugin and our themes are optimized very well out of the box some aspects of WordPress do need some optimization. While previously we have recommended the use of a page caching plugin this brings us to another important aspect of WordPress performance and that is maintaining your database.

Many of our users are running on standard shared hosting plans, and when the database gets extremely large there is some obvious performance degradation on these limited hosts. Therefore it’s important to keep the database light and to remove redundant data.

For instance, whenever you save or update your post in WordPress it creates a revision which is a copy of the post at the point it was saved. If you have 20 games on your arcade this won’t add up to much but if you have several thousand games like our plugin supports then you will notice a very bloated database as opposed to manually clearing this we are going to use the WP-Optimize plugin.


After you have the plugin installed to make sure that you have no posts as drafts, and then on the optimization page go ahead and tick all of the options that appear which will look like the below picture.


After you have done the initial cleanup there is an option to have it run a scheduled scan of your website’s database which I also recommend doing. I would go ahead and set up the auto clean settings like I have in the below picture which should help keep the database clean for future growth as well.

WP Optimize Auto Clean Settings