We have already discussed integrating Veedi a technology that gives you revenue for placing video tutorials on your site which increases user engagement, and makes them return players. However, there might be just as much value in created your own YouTube videos for your games.

There are over 70,000 flash games on the market, thousands of HTML 5 games and more games are being created every day. So there is a value in creating tutorials for your videos but there is even more value in creating interactive videos with your players.

Arcades are moving to a point where you are going to need to be more active with a community and focus on getting return visitors. Currently there are thousands of sites that are all offering the same games to their players and instead of just focusing on a unique description try to offer them a gaming community.

YouTube videos are a great place to start doing this. All you need is a screen recording software, a headset, and some time each day to produce a video. You can download a free tool like CamStudio here.

Now you need to produce a video this can be done fairly easily pick a game check Google.

Click on the video search.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 for instance, has 417k videos. There is no chance of you ranking above it.

However, a game like 1471 Renaissance Time Fighter only has 1k videos and only 6 if you combine TimeFighter into a single word. Meaning there is a a very high chance for you to rank above the competition.

Then what you do is you can take your video and place a link to that particular game in the description. Which gives you a powerful backlink that is both organic, and is going to drive traffic to that particular game.

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