We here at MyArcadePlugin have made an amazing plugin that allows you to fetch over 70k games automatically and to post them to your website automatically. However, like with all tools it needs to be taken advantage of for it to fully benefit your website. While our tool makes it easy to spin up your website it is important for you to take the steps to succeed in Google and to have your website rank. Most notably, you need to create unique content in some shape or another.

What is unique content?

Unique content is unique game descriptions, adding instructions to games that might not have any, and unique images. For instance, the default descriptions to many games might be low quality and poorly written by those who don’t speak English natively which makes it difficult for your users to read. Then there is the issue of short descriptions that are only a few words like have fun, or something else that does not properly describe the game. You want all of your games to have unique descriptions that are properly filled out to really impress your users.

Why Is It Important

Getting thin content or duplicate content warnings can put your lower in the rankings. If you have the same exact description as the website that has been there for 10 years with thousands of social signals how do you plan to rank higher than them? The answer is you won’t therefore you need unique content to actually rank in Google. I also recommend watching this video on thin content by Matt Cutts.

[youtube video=”7qCxtx0ceKA” width=”100%” height=”426″]

The key thing is if your website does not begin ranking you might need to rethink your content strategy by adding unique content.

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