MyArcadePlugin has supported Cubepoints for a very long time. There was a rumor about a year ago of there being a continuation of the plugin, but nothing else has come up regarding it. We added support back when there were very few alternatives and there are only two options today. MyCred, and Cubepoints of those two you should always choose MyCred.

Cubepoints has not been updated in over three years and is marked as unsupported by the plugin directory. If you are using Cubepoints on your MyArcadePlugin powered site, I highly suggest migrating to MyCred. We have supported MyCred for a very long time and the notifications from MyCred have been styled appropriately in MyArcadeTheme to feel natural.

At this point, Cubepoints might be causing issues on your site in the form of PHP errors, security issues, or simply is not working effectively. I urge users of MyArcadePlugin to make the move to MyCred for a more modern website.

MyArcadePlugin is trying to keep our users in the modern age of design, speed, and security and this is a good starting place for our veteran users.