If you want to run an Arcade game site for fun or making a bit of extra income from advertising you can choose between a number of proprietary scripts, and WordPress Arcade with plugins. Over twenty millions of web sites on the Internet are powered by WordPress, tendency increasing. WordPress can be seen as the de-facto standard publishing platform for web sites due to a large number of advantages it has.

WordPress is a free content management system, or CMS, which provides an easy platform for publishing web content, be it either a personal blog or a gaming portal. Yet, WordPress does not require any programming skills in PHP or HTML for example. It has a Microsoft Office Word-like interface which allows everyone to run a web site.

A huge community of developers provide little add-on scripts called plugins that extend WordPress and integrate seamlessly into to WordPress, usually with a simple mouse click. These plugins – over 14.000 thousand of them exist at this time of writing – extend the WordPress core functionality greatly so that it is common to hear people say “With WordPress you can do everything”.

As is the case for plugins WordPress also has a huge number of themes, ready-to-use graphical designs which snap-in into WordPress site with a mouse click. Again, no programming skills at all are required for implementing or changing the look and feel of your web site. The WordPress core, plugins and themes provides you with a rich and powerful CMS with unmatched total cost of ownership. And there’s a huge community behind it, so you will always find answers and support should you come across any issue. Last but not least is the WordPress core constantly updated and its functionality improved.

Proprietary game scripts in turn often have a steeper learning curve. The majority of them require a per site license, have a small community, fewer updates, and script owners often change hands. Where WordPress offers almost unlimited extensions there are usually only a few modifications for game scripts for an additional fee. Put in a nutshell: When making a decision between Arcade scripts and WordPress Arcade with plugins you decide between the flexibility of Open Source and script lock-in, including the costs associated with it.

MyArcadePlugin is a WordPress Arcade extension which has all the aforementioned advantages of WordPress. Among the many features it has is automated game feeding with one-click game and thumbnail downloading, custom games import, an active forum with support, tips & tricks, bonus stuff and much more. MyArcadePlugin allows for easy game management, publishing schedules, and works with standard WordPress themes. You can install it on unlimited game sites you own!

Find here all the details of our WordPress Arcade solution, its premium themes, Mochi Leaderboard support, HeyZap Features, and everything else to provide visitors of your site the best gaming experience: WordPress Arcade Features