We would love to introduce you a new section on our blog: WordPress Arcade User Interviews! We will introduce users and their successful WordPress Arcade Sites and they will give us tips how to run successful Arcade Sites, too.

The first interview we had with was with the user Buph. He is owner of several Arcade Sites and developer of the ArcadeXD theme.

Let’s start with the interview

1. Could you introduce yourself and your site?

My real name is Teo. I’m galician (Spain). I like everything that has to do with web design, and computers in general. Furthermore I have also a true passion for football. Specifically for my favorite team (Deportivo A Coruna), which is now in a bad moment because was down to the spanish Second Division. My first website is about it (forzadepor.net)

2. Which Arcade Theme do you use and why?

At this moment, I am running five arcade sites. (juegacos.com, losjuegosdebobesponja.com, losjuegosdevestir.org, juegospucca.org). Finally pornojuegos.org (adult games, but it is under construction). All with MyArcadePlugin Pro, and all sites using FunGames modifications.

3. If you use the FunGames Theme, did you modify it and what did you change?

I’ve changed a lot of things because I like my websites are different from the rest. Besides, I have websites focused on very specific subjects (niche), then I try to make them appear to be consistent with the subject. So I’ve modified graphics, layouts, etc… But I think that Fungames is a perfect theme for people who are begginers, and also for people who like experiment, modify and improve the look of their webs.

4. What do you do to get traffic?

Promoting in social networks, and obviously linkbuilding. Also link exchange. But above all, the most important thing is to offer good content, good games. I know there are other methods to get big amounts of traffic, but are very expensive for me at this moment.

5. Do you promote your site and where?

Answered in 4th question. 😉

6. How many hours a week do you spend working on your WordPress Arcade site?

It depends. If I am working on theme and plugins, I can spend a lot of hours. Four or five in a day. But usually, I’ve spend a quarter of an hour by site every day (just enough to publish one or two games) because I need to translate them.

7. How many visitors you get daily and how much money do you make with your site?

Haha. It depends. Newer sites receives less traffic. And in my first and principal site, I am getting different amounts each day. But last weeks, between 600 and 1200 visits per day. My second site took two weeks prodigious (from October 1 to October 15), with 1500 visits per day. But at this moment was down 300. So, last month (October) was the best of my life with adsense with 95 EURO (about 130 USD).

8. What are your top SEO tips for WordPress Arcade beginners?

Good content, linkbuilding and be patient and keep the site constantly updated. Every day or every two.

9. What other experiences and tips you can share with us?

Not much. I’ve tested other arcade plugins and only I can say is that MyArcadePlugin is the best by far on the other. The price is cheap for all the options and extras offered and the support is excellent.

Teo, thank you very much for this interview!

Do you have a sucessfull WordPress Arcade Site, too? If you want to share your experiance and your tips with us, just send us the answere of the questions above.