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GAMEXLS – WP Arcade Theme

We have released a new theme for MyArcadePlugin. We call it GAMEXLS! GAMEXLS is a fully responsive WordPress Arcade Theme which has been implemented using the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The eye catching flat and modern design and its features...

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MyArcadePlugin Ultimate now with 60.000+ games!

We have updated the MyArcadePlugin Ultimate package. On this update we have added over 22.000 new games. Yes, you have read it correctly: twenty-two thousand new games. The Ultimate package includes now over 60.000 Mochi Media games and the most games are in English....

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MyScoresPresenter v4.1.0 has been released

Today we have another great news for you: A new MyScoresPresenter version is available. The small update comes with one new feature and fixes the score ordering issue on the single score widget. Here is the changelog: New: Added rank classes to widget outputs to be...

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MyArcadePlugin v5.10.2 has been released

The second small MyArcadePlugin update has been released this year. On this release we have updated fetching and publishing of Spilgames and Scirra games. Furthermore a new great feature has been added. Now you are able to fetch games...

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FunGames 4.8.0 has been released

We've updated our default WordPress arcade theme to  version 4.8.0. The new version is fully compatible with the latest WordPress and BuddyPress versions. The other nice new feature is that game videos will be displayed below the game description. You can enable this...

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We are hiring: Join our support team!

MyArcadePlugin is growing fast! In just three years it grew to one of the most used Arcade Scripts / Arcade Solutions in the world. It started as a one-man project but today we are a team of three WordPress Plugin developers, five WordPress Theme developers and two...

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MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.10.0 released

Today a new MyArcadePlugin version with some really nice features has been released. This version comes with new MyArcadeFeed distributors: MyArcade Exclusive Games - This feed is hosted on and it will contain exclusive and only high quality games....

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[Bonus] Chat Plugin

How about a chat on your arcade site? Let your visitors start own chat or offer public chat rooms. Convert all visitors to returning visitors by offering special features that other arcade sites doesn't have! Just install the chat bonus plugin which is available for...

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MyScoresPresenter v4.0.0 released

Today, we have got some exciting news for you all. We have updated MyScoresPresenter to v4.0.0 and you will love the new features.  This big update comes with 11 new features which will allow you to create awesome score presentations! Before we take a deeper look into...

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MyArcadeContest v2.0.0 has been released

Today a new version of the MyArcadeContest plugin has been released. MyArcadeContest is a really cool plugin that allows you to run tournaments / contests on your arcade site. MyArcadeContest v2.0.0 supports myCRED Plugin, too.  Now you can use CubePoints or myCRED to...

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