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Use WP Optimize To Keep Your Arcade’s Database Light!

While MyArcadePlugin and our themes are optimized very well out of the box some aspects of WordPress do need some optimization. While previously we have recommended the use of a page caching plugin this brings us to another important aspect of WordPress performance...

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Migrating Your Arcade Website To SSL

When moving your arcade website over to an SSL,  there are a lot of immediate benefits including but not limited to, the following: Improved Security. Privacy Protection. Performance Improvements (with access to HTTP 2). However, there are some clear issues you should...

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MyArcade’s 2017 Recap

2017 was a very successful year for us. In 2017 we've published 10 MyArcadePlugin and 4 MyArcadeTheme releases. MyArcadePlugin got 19 new features, 8 Fixes and 16 improvements. Here are the three most considerable changes: 1. Two new game distributors have been added...

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Arcade Websites In 2018 & What Happened In 2017

2017 has been a crazy ride so far, with the closing of TalkArcades, and Copacet as well as FlashGameDistribution it's been a tough year. With the overall number of ArcadeWebsites seeming to decrease slowly and the quality going down what is there to be expected in...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v5.2.0

We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of MyArcadeTheme. This release we added 21 new features and options, made 2 improvements and fixed 1 bug. Most notably this release includes expanded archive support allowing you to customize categories,...

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.31.0

We have again great news for you! A new MyArcadePlugin version has been released. Now you are able to import IBPArcade HTML5 games and to save scores submitted by those HTML5 games. This is a huge update because till today only Flash games where able to submit scores...

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[Stats] TOP Arcade Sites in week 43

Due to many user requests we decided to show a TOP 20 instead of a TOP 10 list. Last week 106 sites have installed or updated MyArcadePlugin. In total 623 sites are now able to submit stats and to be able to get into our TOP 20 list. 1.822.198 game plays have been...

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[Stats] TOP 10 Arcade Sites in week 42

Here are the stats for the week 42 with a short delay. In week 42 MyArcadePlugin has generated 1.744.609 game plays with 517 sites. Since the last MyArcadePlugin update on 2017-09-08 nearly  15 Millions plays have been generated. Since the last week 62 sites updated...

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[Stats] TOP 10 Arcade Sites in week 41

Last week (41) 445 sites have generated 1.579.575 game plays. In total 10.950.723 game plays have been generated within one month with MyArcadePlugin. Last week 53 sites have updated their MyArcadePlugin version and are now able to submit play stats. Let's  take a...

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[Stats] TOP 10 Arcade Sites in week 40

Here we go again! The new TOP Arcade Sites post is here! Last week (40) MyArcadePlugin has generated 1.659.634 game plays with 392 sites. Till today MyArcadePlugin version 5.30.0 has generated 8.764.382 game plays within the last 4 weeks.  Last week  69 sites have...

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