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W3TC Settings For MyArcadePlugin (Shared Hosting)

If you are using MyArcadePlugin then you should know that out of the box its fast, but not as fast as it could be. Today I will give you a short guide on how to properly configure W3TC for MyArcadePlugin on shared hosting. It's important to note that these settings...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v3.0.0

Hey! A few minutes ago we have finished the best Christmas gift for you! We have updated MyArcadeTheme! Awesome new features have been added. MyArcadeTheme is now the most flexible WordPress Arcade Theme on the market. With the fully widgetized home page you have...

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MyArcadePlugin v5.20.0 + MyScoresPresenter v4.2.0 released

We have updated MyArcadePlugin Pro and MyScoresPresenter. Now MyArcadePlugin Pro is able to collect achievements submitted by GamerSafe games. MyScoresPresenter has received two new widgets: Latest Achievements and Game Achievements. Game Achievements will display...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v2.0.0

We have some great news for you! Right now we have release a new MyArcadeTheme version with great features you will really love. In this release we've implemented automated theme updates. That means that you will never miss a new update and you will be able to update...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v1.4.0

A new MyArcadeTheme version has been released. We have added some new features and fixed known issues. MyArcadeTheme v1.4.0 Changelog - 2015-10-14 New - Added some Buddypress buttons on user profile page New - Additional Schema Markup New - WordPress 4.3 compatibility...

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Mobile Games: 300+ HTML5 Games

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with SOFTGAMES. SOFTGAMES is the world market leader in distributing high quality HTML5 games. Currently you will be able to fetch 300+ HTML5 games from SOFTGAMES. All of their games will perfectly run on every...

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Why You Should Stop Using Cubepoints

MyArcadePlugin has supported Cubepoints for a very long time. There was a rumor about a year ago of there being a continuation of the plugin, but nothing else has come up regarding it. We added support back when there were very few alternatives and there are only two...

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MyArcadePlugin v5.19.0 has been released

Today we have released a new MyArcadePlugin version. This update extends MyArcadePlugin by two new game distributors: Plinga and Softgames. Both game distributors provide only high quality games. From Plinga you will get flash and from Softgames HTML5 games. = v5.19.0...

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Why Unique Content Is Important For Your Arcade

We here at MyArcadePlugin have made an amazing plugin that allows you to fetch over 70k games automatically and to post them to your website automatically. However, like with all tools it needs to be taken advantage of for it to fully benefit your website. While our...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v1.2.0

  Yesterday we released a new version of the MyArcadeTheme that has solved quite a few issues and added a couple of new features! MyArcadeTheme v1.2.0 Changelog New - jQuery based game resizing New - Friv-Style view with sidebar Tweak - Added wp_reset_query to...

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