An Arcade script provides a webmaster a platform to run a game website. These days Arcade scripts are written in the PHP language and include functionalities such as easy adding and anagement of games, along with an interface for administration purposes and making money from displaying ads for example. These PHP Arcade scripts are specially coded for game portals and usually ship with a high degree of automation and SEO optimization. Among the other advantages of PHP are that the scripts can easily be edited and HTML embedded

Thus, a PHP Arcade script is game script written in PHP. Among the advantages of PHP are that the scripts can easily be edited and HTML embedded. Arcade scripts are either of proprietary quality or make use of a content management system like WordPress, which is free, open source and has many advantages over other PHP Arcade scripts as explained in our in our article ‘WordPress Arcade compared with other Arcade Scripts‘.

MyArcadePlugin is an extension for your WordPress Arcade website written in PHP. It allows everyone to run a WP Arcade site – completely automated and worry-free. Actually, our plugin comprises of a core WP Arcade plugin and a number of great themes and a free additional plugins to make up a complete game site which can be set up and installed in little time without headaches.

MyArcadePlugin’s main feature include automated game feeding, downloading and publishing as well as easy game management. You don’t have to dig trough code as sometimes is the case with others PHP Arcade scripts: Our plugin is well documented and works out of the box. You can opt for our premium game themes or create a WP Arcade out of any WordPress theme you like. Our plugin works with standard themes and is ready for the latest WordPress generation of course.

What’s more is that MyArcadePlugin has a large user base and an active forum. Whatever modification you want to make to your WP Arcade, you are likely to find it among the countless free WordPress plugins you can download from On top of that can you can find valuable tips and tricks in our webmaster forum, along with modifications and bonus stuff. We also offer fast support for your game site if something remains unclear.

MyArcadePlugin is constantly updated, and you can use it on as many sites you own. It is the best WordPress Arcade ever, properly coded and constantly updated. There’s simply no better WordPress Arcade system to display games from Mochi, HeyZap Games and other games you like on your game portal.

If you want to run a WordPress Arcade site don’t waste your time and your money and go for MyArcadePlugin straight away. There is no other PHP Arcade Script which offers the flexibility of WordPress, and there is no WP Arcade plugin which offers the functionality of MyArcadePlugin – guaranteed!

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