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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v4.3.0

A new MyArcadeTheme version has been released today. We have added 10 new features, iproved several things and fixed 9 known issues. = v4.3.0 - 2016-11-19 = New - Flag added to report spam button on BuddyPress pages New - Passes W3C Validator New - Option to hide My...

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How To End Comment + Registration Spam On Your Arcade

Running a WordPress arcade can be very difficult especially if you want to use BuddyPress to start a community. Your primary issue when starting a site like this is overcoming spam. Spam comes in two main forms on a WordPress website comments and registration spam and...

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.25.0

A new MyArcadePlugin version has been released. We are sad to announce that we had to removed the BigFish Games feed support. It means that you wont be able to fetch and publish BigFish Games anymore.

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[Release] FunGames v5.6.0

We have released a new version of FunGames that brings some much-needed changes including WordPress 4.6 compatibility several bbPress improvements, some general style fixes that improve its appearance and theme check compliance! We have also removed CubePoints...

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Conditional Loading & How It Helps Your Arcade

Conditional Loading is the process of loading your resources only when they are needed. For instance, bbPress loads its CSS and JavaScript on every page. However, you don't need it on every page and if you open up your chrome developer tools (F12) then click on...

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.24.0

A few minutes ago we made the official release of MyArcadePlugin v5.24.0 this release adds CoolGames integration so you can fetch all the latest and trending HTML 5 games. PHPBB games have expanded support. If you are a developer we have expanded our API to allow you...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v4.2.0

Today we have finished a new MyArcadeTheme version for you. We have added a lot of new features and fixed known issues. = v4.2.0 - 2016-09-01 = New - Home Widget - Game Carousel New - Veedi integration New - Option to hide favorite games on the user panel widget New -...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v4.1.0

Only five days after the last MyArcadeTheme updated we finished our next release. The version v4.1.0 brings some new features and fixes known issues. = v4.1.0 - 2016-08-11 = New - Reddit Added As Social Networking Site New - JSON LD Markup For Blog Posts...

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[Release] MyArcadeTheme v4.0.0

MyArcadeTheme has come a long way ever since we launched it in 2015 it has become our most popular theme with tons of features, a fresh mobile-ready design and with this release we have worked to really propel it into the future with the latest technologies....

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[Release] MyArcadePlugin v5.23.0

A few minutes ago we have release a new MyArcadePlugin version. In this realease we have added a new game distributor (PlayToMax) and a new import method for PHPBB games. Now you will be able to import PHPBB ZIP files directly! MyArcadePlugin v5.23.0 Changelog New -...

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