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MyArcadePlugin Pro is an extremely powerful WordPress Arcade (WPArcade) solution that will fit all your needs. Don’t waste your time searching for the right Arcade Script. Use WordPress with MyArcadePlugin and be happy! Create a 100% SEO arcade site that your visitors and search engines will love.

Pick every game manually and decide what to publish but you are also able to let MyArcadePlugin do the whole work for you. Activate auto-publishing and in seconds you will have a 100% automated WordPress Arcade (Turnkey Website). For better search engine rankings, MyArcadePlugin will generate unique game descriptions, if you like!

We’ve published a FREE WordPress Arcade Plugin, that you can use if you want to publish games from only a few game distributors.

Market Leader Since 2009

MyArcadePlugin is since 2009 the most popular Arcade Solution available on the market!

Most Active Arcade Project

We have the most active Arcade Plugin / Script in the world. Check our changelog and compare with our competitors.

Outstanding License Terms

You are allowed to install MyArcadePlugin on every site you own. Buy once and use anywhere!

Many Game Distributors

MyArcadePlugin is able to fetch games from many game distributors.

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Fetch thousands of games from most popular game distributors in the game industry. Most distributors offer mobile and desktop games which you can publish on your website with ease.

Import Games via FTP

Upload a set of games to your server via FTP and import them directly from a folder.

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MyArcadePlugin is able to import games from a folder on your website. Just upload the game via FTP to your server. MyArcadePlugin will scan the games folder and allow you to import and publish uploaded games.

Audience Analytics

MyArcadePlugin comes with a powerful stats dashboard with many useful statistics.

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MyArcadePlugin will track every gameplay and play duration for each game and generate awesome statistics. You can use this data to optimize your site and to know what games your audience love.

Here is an overview of available statistic widgets:

  • Summary Widgets that displays game plays of
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • Total
  • Top games of all time
  • Game play ratio (registered / unregistered users)
  • Most active users
  • Currently unplayed games
  • Game play chart for the last 30 days
  • Hourly game plays
  • Latest game plays
  • Unpopular games

Game Management

Manage published and unpublished games with our easy to use management system.

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MyArcadePlugin comes with a powerful game management system. It allows you to edit and play games before publishing.

Our bulk features allow you to publish and delete thousands of games with just a single click.

If you delete a game from your site, MyArcadePlugin will automatically remove all games files to free up your web space.

Upload Individual Games

Our WordPress Arcade Plugin allows you to upload and publish many game types.

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Additionally to fetching games from game distributors you’ll be able to upload your own games. MyArcadePlugin supports the following game types:

  • HTML5 Games in ZIP-Format
  • HTML5 Games as Iframe Code
  • HTML5 Games as Embed Code
  • IBPArcade Games in TAR-Format
  • IBPArcade Games in ZIP-Format
  • PHPBB Games in ZIP-Format
  • Flash Games in SWF-Format
  • Shockwave Games in DCR-Format
  • Any kind of Iframe Games / Codes
  • Any kind of Embed Games / Codes
  • Unit3D Games in unity3d-Format

This huge number of supported game formats opens you unlimited possibilities for your WordPress Arcade Site.

Download Game Files

Download game files like thumbnails, screenshots or flash files from other websites.

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You don’t need to download files manually for your computer before you upload them to your website. MyArcadePlugin is able to download files directly from other websites. Just past the URL of the desired file and MyArcadePlugin will do the work for you.

Automated Translations

Translate game title, descriptions and tags automatically in over 64 Languages.

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MyArcadePlugin has a built-in API for translation services offered by Google, Microsoft, and Yandex.

It allows you to translate game details like title, description or tags automatically into your desired language:

  • Microsoft Translator supports 36 languages
  • Google Translator supports 64 languages
  • Yandex Translator supports 25 languages


Other Features

There are hundreds of features included in our WPArcade Plugin.

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MyArcadePlugin is the most powerful Arcade Script available on the market. It’s fully packed with features. We could fill pages with feature descriptions. Here are some other picked features:

  • Auto Update
    • Update MyArcadePlugin directly from your WordPress Dashboard
  • Works with every WordPress Theme
  • Publish games time shifted
  • Publish games as drafts
  • Allow users to submit games
  • Category mapping
  • Easy Plugin Translation

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