Do You Need Web Hosting?

Running a WordPress Arcade site is not a big thing. But running a successful WordPress Arcade Site is a challenge. The most web hosting services are able to host WordPress site but if it has to be reachable and fast the most hostings fail. Thereby we would like to recommend our own Manage Arcade Hosting or Bluehost.

The most of the MyArcadePlugin users host their sites on Managed Arcade Hosting, Bluehost, HostGator or GoDaddy because they are fast, have a great uptime and features that WordPress needs to run properly. At other hosts, you have to pay for the most extra features.

Features included with our Managed Arcade Hosting:

  • Latest PHP, MySQL, and WordPress versions
  • Super fast WordPress optimized hosting
  • Variable memory_limit – WordPress needs memory! If you don’t have enough PHP memory, visitors will get blank pages when visiting your site. You will also get error messages when trying to publish posts and to fetch games. You will need at least 64M memory_limit to run WordPress Arcade properly. Our Managed Arcade Hosting comes with 512MB!
  • Disk Space – If you plan to host games on your site then you will need a lot of webspace. With us, you will be able to host an unlimited number of games.
  • Monthly Data Bandwidth – This one is one of the most important things. If you want to have a successful Arcade Site you need a lot of visitors – but visitors cause traffic. For that reason, you need unlimited monthly bandwidth! This feature is included in our hosting plan.

    Managed Arcade Hosting Features

    Get access to all of our products and get a super fast WordPress hosting optimized for your online arcade business. 

    If you prefer to manage everything by your self and spend a lot of time on updates, optimization and management then we can recommend you Bluehost as a reliable partner:


    MyArcadePlugin Server Requirements

    • PHP Version 5.4 or greater
    • MySQL Version 5.0.0 or greater
    • PHP Memory Limit (memory_limit) 64M or more
    • JSON support ON

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