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To save your server performance MyGameListCreator will create a game list that is saved in a static file. A list with a big number of games is a great SEO-Method to get more visitors. This method is well known and Miniclip is using it, too. The game list will be refreshed when you publish, edit or delete a game post. MyGameListCreator is able to create kinds of static game lists: “Game List For Posts And Pages” and “Standard Game List”.

MyGameListCreator will create two files located in the root folder of your WordPress installation (where wp-config.php) is located:

  • gamelist.php
  • gamepostlist.php

Make sure that both files are writable.


  • Game List Title – Customize the name of your list. You can also use the html code to adapt the style to your theme.
  • Limit Showed Games – Set “-1” (without quotes) to create a list with all published games. Otherwise, enter an integer.
  • Limit Game Names – Set how many chars of a game name should be shown. Leave blank to show the entire name.
  • Begin Wrap – Customize the start HTML code to adapt to your theme, i.e. “<div>”. This code will be placed above the game list.
  • End Wrap – This is the global end wrap for the game list, i.e. “</div>”.
  • Begin List Wrap – Put here your list begin wrap, i.e. “<ul>”.
  • End List Wrap – Put here your list end wrap, i.e. “</ul>”.
  • Begin Item Wrap – Put here your begin wrap for a game in the list, i.e “<li>”.
  • End Item Wrap – Put here your end wrap for a game in the list, i.e “</li>”.
  • Games Categories – Create a list containing only games from selected categories. If you wish to have games from each category included in the list, please select all categories.
  • Create List With Leading Letters – Check this option if you want to create an alphabetically ordered list with leading letters, like on Miniclip. If this option is not checked “default” list will be created where the games are ordered by their publish date.
  • Rows For Lists With Leading Letters – Enter the number of rows that should be created.
  • Auto Create Game List – Check this option if you want to create automatically the game list.

Game List For Posts And Pages

MyGameListCreator allows you to use a shortcode in your posts or pages to embed a static game list. By clicking on “Precompile A Game List For Posts/Pages” a new list will be created. To embed the precompiled game list in your posts add the following shortcode as the content of a page or post:


The game list will contain all games of selected categories. This feature can be very useful if you have a mixed website and not only a pure arcade portal.

Customize the HTML output over the “Post Game List Template”. Use HTML code and available placeholders to create unique game lists.

Available Placeholders

  • %TITLE% – Shows the name of a game
  • %TITLE_WITH_LINK% – a game name with a link to the game post
  • %THUMBNAIL% – Shows the thumbnail of a game
  • %THUMBNAIL_WITH_LINK% – Shows a clickable thumbnail
  • %DESCRIPTION% – Prints the game description
  • %INSTRUCTION% – Prints the game instructions

Default Template Code

<strong>%TITLE_WITH_LINK%</strong><br />
<div style=”float:left;”>%THUMBNAIL_WITH_LINK%</div>
<p style=”clear:left;”><br />

Styling Examples

In this chapter, you will see two simple styling examples:

  • Default Style
  • Miniclip Style

However, with MyGameListCreator you can also create your own unique looking game list using the available options and CSS-Code.

Usage Example 1 – Default Style

If you want to create an unordered list with all available games on your blog than you can use the following settings:

  • Begin Warp: <div id=”gamelist”>
  • End Wrap: </div>
  • Begin List Wrap: <ul>
  • End List Wrap: </ul>
  • Begin Item Wrap: <li>
  • End Item Wrap: </li>

Your created list will look like this in HTML:

<div id=”gamelist”>
<li>Game 1</li>
<li>Game 2</li>
<li>Game 3</li>
<li>Game 4</li>
<li>Game 5</li>

Usage Example 2 – Miniclip Style

If you want to create a game list like on with leading letters then you can use the following settings:

  • Limit Game Name: 16
  • Begin Warp: <div id=”gamelist”>
  • End Wrap: <div class=”clear”></div></div>
  • Begin List Wrap: <ul style=”width:128px;”>
  • End List Wrap: </ul>
  • Begin Item Wrap: <li>
  • End Item Wrap: </li>
  • Rows For Lists With Leading Letters 5

Theme Integration

To display the created game list (gamelist.php) in your theme you have to put this line of code on the desired place in your theme:

<php if (function_exists(‘get_game_list’)) { get_game_list(); } ?>

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