MyScoresPresenter will show player and game scores on your site. The output code for scores can easily be configured with templates over the WordPress backend. MyScoresPresenter includes several Widgets that you can add to your site. Go to “Appearance” -> “Widget” and drop the desired Widgets into the sidebars.

The current version of MyScoresPresenter has the following Widgets integrated:

  • Most Active Players
  • Latest Scores
  • Today’s Scores
  • Single Game Scores – Shows scores of a single game
  • Leaderboard – Shows best players on your site


MyScoresPresenter offers you the possibility to customize the score output using templates without touching the code. In this chapter, you will get an overview of available templates and styling examples.

The templates work with special placeholders. The current version of MyScoresPresenter offers your following placeholders:

  • %USERNAME% – Display the name of an user
  • %SCORE% – Display the score of a game
  • %GAMENAME% – Display the name of a game (without link)
  • %GAME% – Display the game name with the game link
  • %GAMEPLAYS% – Display the game plays of an user
  • %GAMEIMAGEURL% – Gets the thumbnail url of a game
  • %HIGHSCORE% – Display how many highscore a user has achieved
  • %DATE% – Display the date of the score

Template Usage

The output code of MyScoresPresenter will always be an unordered list. With templates, you can style the output of the list items. Here is an example how to style “Latest Scores”.

Template code:

<strong>%USERNAME%</strong> on %GAME%

The template code will generate following HTML code:

  <li><strong>Daniel</strong> on Super Mario</li>
  <li><strong>Flasher</strong> on Mario Kart</li>
  <li><strong>Dancer</strong> on Flowers</li>
  <li><strong>Player</strong> on Unreal</li>