MyArcadePlugin Customer Quotes

Sure, we can tell you about how great MyArcadePlugin is, but it means so much more coming from the people who actually use our WP Arcade. Here’s just a handful of quotes from MyArcadePlugin customers.





I have tested many gaming scripts. I had AVArcade, OnArcade and others. All of them had their limits. Limitation in modules, very poor support, no updates. When I found MyArcadePlugin all of this limits are gone. The Plugin is fantastic. Huge amount of customizable settings, large amount of game files and game distributors. With MyArcadePlugin you can setup many usable widgets. THE BEST Support is also a very positive aspect of this plugin. Admins are helpful. They want to help everyone, add new features, listening to users wishes. This plugin works with WordPress, which is one of the most used CMS in the world. We can use many great plugins which work great with MyArcadePlugin, for example SEO plugins, voting, comments. We can also found many fantastic themes for our gaming sites on exells.com.

I am very satisfied with the MyArcadePlugin, the value for money you can get here is the best I’ve seen for Arcade Scripts and Plugins. Updating works perfect, customization features are great, support is fast and helpful and it works with all WordPress versions I used. Nothing more to say, just give it a try!

I’m a relatively late user of MyArcadePlugin having only used it for about 18 months now but in that time I’ve launched and even sold some successful arcades thanks to MyArcadePlugin. I can honestly say out of ALL the investments I’ve made in online software, scripts or products, MyArcadePlugin has been the absolute best hands down. Super easy to use with tons of features and a great community around it you can’t ask for more. I’m still launching new sites with it now.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase.  It’s funny, I even purchased the dump, but never used it.  I figured that if I was to play with yet another arcade package then I might as well have this short cut.  I soooo didn’t need it, but am not upset with the purchase.  In fact I feel like I got a real bargain, and it’s so  crazy easy/quick set up and begin loading games. You have no idea how many arcade boards I have purchased only to rip them apart to force them to do what I want.  It’s been a frustrating road, but to make a long story short, I thought this too would be just another throw of money out the window, but much to my surprise, this is exactly what I’ve been searching for!

Here are my top loves:

  • SEO friendly
  • Can support a Huge game site
  • Organizes logically
  • Is quite intuitive/ smart design/ customizable
  • Is easy for new users to get started.

Working with MyArcadePlugin in the past two weeks has helped me to realize a very exciting project of mine, Gamesonlinevui.com. MyArcadePlugin has the interface, the features, the accessibility and the simplicity one is looking for to build on and bring his or her ideas to life. With an inspiring community filled with experiment webmasters and developers as well as newcomers thirsty for knowledge, a question or request is never left unanswered and learning is assured. If you are looking for security, speed, a large range of features, fast support, knowledge of the community and quality of custom designs and features and extra plugins, I wouldn’t look any further. That’s an investment you won’t regret.

I would highly recommended MyArcadePlugin Pro for any flash game website. It is certainly a must have, the plugin allows easy upload of games to your site so you can keep your site updated and looking fresh. The game database is massive so you can publish all different types of games for your users. The auto-publishing feature is pretty awesome so if you fancy a holiday you can turn this option on and the website still gets updated while your enjoying yourself on a beach.

I was looking to do a Game Site to get an extra income, and saw my wife always playing free games online so i made my own arcade game with WordPress, at the beginning i started with the free version of MyArcadePlugin but them saw was to much work to start from scratch, started reading about pro version and all its bonus stuff you get for the pro version, and i bought it haven’t look back since! Definitely got more than the value i paid for, great costumer service, and lots of bonus stuff in real time,i got my site juegos40.com up and running in no time, and all the tweaks needed to get it more personal, you get lots of support on the forum great fast service, so you are not just buying a script and goodbye, you are getting into a community of arcade games sites, really extremely satisfied with the product and the total service package and support, would do it again in heartbeat!

I was searching for arcade scripts and WordPress, and happened to find this script. I loved the idea it was a WordPress powered script, and the fact that each game is a “Blog post”. I purchased right away, and have had much fun playing with it since. The support and helpful community has also struck me to be absolutely awesome! Thanks for this awesome script Daniel, keep up the good work, we are a bunch of folks here who really loves this!

If you’re looking for a complete arcade solution then look no further than
MyArcadePlugin. It’s been the best purchase I’ve made for WordPress by far.
The service after the sale is the best, it’s what motivated me to write this
testimonial. These guys are awesome! I didn’t have to worry about a thing,
the support was fast! Thank you for the excellent Arcade and superstar service!

I was using arcadempro and although I’ve heard complaints, I actually liked it. Some things were a bit difficult to get going, but usually there was someone in the forum that would help you with it. Things seem to be breaking down a bit over there, and although arcadempro 3.0 sounded amazing, it started to feel more like empty promises. Anyways, I decided to look around for a script with good features and lots of possibilities. I find TalkArcades to be an amazing source for ALL things arcade, so I started looking through the various scripts they had listed. To be honest, my research came down to two choices: MyArcadePlugin Pro, and AVarcade. They both have their pluses, but it came down to the fact that your site accepts credit cards and AVarcade only uses paypal LOL! After getting a chance to run with the script and take advantage of all the WP plugins, I am glad I went with MyArcadePlugin Pro! I am having fun putting the site together, and everyone I talk to says they like my new site WAY better than the old one I had! TY for the script, I am having a blast with it!

I would like to thank MyArcadePlugin for turning my game arcade: PodBuzzGames from an unattractive, non-seo capable site to an excellent, attractive, highly customisable site, enabled with wonderful SEO features and the ability to add adsense ads (or any other ads in JavaScript) with just “copy and paste” accessibility. I had numerous headaches when it comes to buying the real software, and had tried various other arcade scripts. BUT NO ONE SOFTWARE CAN MATCH MyArcadePlugin Pro’s EASE OF INSTALLATION. With just a few step steps and 10 minutes or less, you can easily installed it and activate it within seconds. Coupled with the wonderful free PREMIUM FunGames theme, you can easily change color scheme, customise the layout of every page design.

What is most important, is that MyArcadePlugin has one of the BEST SUPPORT provided to you after you purchased your software, you are not on your own. The software admin constantly keep you updated on the support forums with new modifications. If you have any issue with the software, the support will response to you within a day too. That’s surely one other point that other arcade scripts fail to deliver. So if you are a non-techie wanting your own arcade, MyArcadePlugin Pro is your BEST choice.

Best of all, MyArcadePlugin allows auto-publishing. Yes you can set a fixed schedule of either daily, hourly, or any fixed period for new games to be automatically added. Yes, no more frustration needed to find games for yourself. If you have NO TIME to manage the arcade every day, MyArcadePlugin is the key choice for you to SETUP, LEAVE IT AUTO, FORGET, and you will see your adsense or affiliate earnings accumulate endlessly!

Speaking of all these, I use myself, podbuzz.com, as a live example, 3 months ago, before i use MyArcadePlugin, my Alexa Ranking was 13,598,900, but as of today, my Alexa ranking has JUMPED to 1,619,430 (more than 10 million ranking UP just within 3 months!!!) This prove than not just the arcade admins love MyArcadePluginPro, but the customers also love to design, features, and ease of access by this plugin! Seeing is Believing!

Finally, thank you MyArcadePlugin Pro!

Thank You for MyArcadePlugin Pro, Awesome! I love it!

Early I used PHPAS 4.0 script to run my game site, but their SEO was not very friendly. I hardly get any users to my game site, average only 5 users. My page ranking was terrible! After I changed to MyArcadePlugin Pro, the site raised from 5 users to 80+ users. My page ranking with Alexa changed from 17 millions to 8 millions and continue ..

I was using an Arcade Script called AVA. It was great, support was great, community was great.

But then I decided to make a blog and I was trying to integrate my blog and arcade site. It didn’t go over so well and while googling on how to make that work, I came across MyArcadePlugin. Sounded interesting… an arcade script already integrated into WordPress. So I checked out the free version and was amazed. So I bought the Pro version.

Both AVA and MyArcadePlugin Pro are great, this one just had an edge that AVA didn’t and that was WordPress integration.

MyArcedePlugin Pro is a very good product. Everything works great. With the rapid and professional assistance the installation and setup took me only a few minutes. With the introduction of rapid response and reported changes in the work of MyArcedePlugin Pro is a pure pleasure.

MyArcadePlugin Pro, is a must have, if you are trying out to build an entertainment website, with minimal expertise. Although I myself am a technical person, but was just not getting any time to do the programming for it. I got hold of the free basic version, it involved a lot of features, but obviously the premium ones were missing. Then I came across the pro version, and I must admit, I m really impressed with the pro plugin. Although I feel the pricing of it is little on the higher side but it’s an absolute worthwhile investment (since I got so many goodies along with it), and hence do not repent spending those extra bucks on it. The Technical support has been prompt and consistent, which is an added advantage to the subscription, plus i get all the updates to the plugin for free. Great Going MyArcadePlugin Pro!!

I’m very glad with MyArcadePlugin, it’s fantastic simple to include the games. It’s one click and the page is filled with many games. The price is very cheap and the installation very easy.

I wanted to say that you did a great job creating this plugin. It is by far the best arcade plugin for WordPress. Keep up the great work.

What a great plugin – it’s not just a plugin, but an entire “out of the box” site. Thank you very much.

I have recently purchased MyArcadeBlogPro and set up BestArcades which got indexed fast thank to its integrated MyGameListCreator. Checking my earnings from advertising I suddenly noted that the site is already making some money from organic traffic, without any further effort. Full disclosure: As I have had some question in the context of the WP Daniel, the creator of the plugin, was extremely patient and the most helpful.


I think this Plugin deserves the FIVE STARS out of five I give them. The plugin is not only easy to use, it even has his OWN support forum. A whole forum solely about the plugin. I didn’t even try the free version of the plugin, so I didn’t know how to use it, but I had my arcade site up within an hour. Now every 20 minutes a new game gets published at my website, and after a few days Ill just change that to a few games a day so Google will love my website. I defiantly think you should go with the Pro version, It has so much options.