MyArcadePlugin v5.80 released

Today a new MyArcadePlugin version has been released! The new version includes two really cool features that you will love! Pay-To-Play with CubePoints [image_frame float=”center”...
MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.00 Released

MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.00 Released

We are proud to present you a new MyArcadePlugin Pro version. We have upgraded our WordPress Arcade to v5.00 and many new features have been added.  In addition, MyScoresPresenter, MyGameListCreator and the FunGames theme were also updated. Let us look at the changes...
MyArcadePlugin Pro v5.00 Released

MyArcadePlugin Pro v4.20 Released

MyArcadePlugin Pro v4.20 – WPArcade Plugin is ready for download. On this version we have upgraded MyArcadePlugin Pro, MyGameListCreator and the FunGames theme. For MyGameListCreator and FunGames this is just a bugfix release but not for MyArcadePlugin Pro. Out...
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